Summer is a tough time for many law firms, particularly the small ones. With much of their client base leaving the Internet in favor of the outdoors, abandoning email, and going on vacation, many practices see their marketing ROI stalling.

That doesn’t have to be the case. This lawyer marketing cheat sheet can help you adapt your overall strategy to the season, improving your “bread and butter” legal marketing methods that may suffer during the summer months and offering new ways to attract clients.

Improve your foundational lawyer marketing strategies

1. Email Marketing

Because fewer people may be inclined to open your firm’s emails during the summer, you’ll need to make them extra enticing. Instead of a regular newsletter, consider crafting an e-book or guide to give away. For instance, a personal injury firm could create a “How to Travel Safely with Your Family This Summer” guide that discusses risks and safety tips for road trips, beach visits, and the like.

You can send these to recipients on your email list and then do double duty by offering these items as lead magnets (material offered in exchange for an email address) on your website. This enables you to cover both bases—keeping in touch with existing clients and gathering warm leads that could turn into new clients during the quieter summer months.

2. Content Marketing

Go visual for the summer. Embed YouTube videos into blog articles, include more images/infographics and less text in posts, or try including a fun quiz related to your firm’s services. When people are feeling lazy, they’re more likely to look at a colorful infographic about DUI statistics than read a 750-word blog post.

Add in summer lawyer marketing strategies

In addition to adapting your basic legal marketing strategies to the summer landscape, injecting a few new methods into the mix may help your firm gain marketing momentum.

3. Write thank you notes

Cards aren’t just for the winter holidays; the summer months are a great time to catch up on some of the client appreciation activities that fall by the wayside during the rest of the year. Even if people aren’t opening email they still have to check their mailbox.

Order a batch of thank you notes and then hand write clients’ names in them, along with a short message. Recipients will appreciate the small gesture and feel like you truly value their business, which could make them more likely to refer your name to others.

4. Give out promotional items

Frisbees, keychains, sunscreen bottles, notepads, drink cozies, pens, and beach towels are just a few examples of ideal promotional items for the summer months. You can bet that people will take them to the office, bring them to neighborhood get-togethers, or give them to friends and family. This lawyer marketing strategy can boost your firm’s brand throughout the summer and into the fall. 

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5. Host a summer contest or raffle

Incentivize your audience to stay active on social media or refer clients to your practice with raffles and contests. Keep in mind that most summer contests are lighthearted—that’s what makes them appealing. A real estate attorney could post photos of beautiful homes or buildings from around the world and encourage social media followers to guess their locations. Winners earn prizes.

When choosing raffle prizes, think of the types of items that would most appeal to your client demographic (age, gender, married with a family versus unmarried, hobbies, etc.) and the kinds of entertainment that are popular in your area. A few examples: baseball tickets, gift cards to a popular restaurant, movie tickets, a gift certificate for a local landscaping service, or vouchers to a water park.

6. Advertise outdoors

Summer means more outdoor community gatherings like movies and music in the park, sports games, music and food festivals, car shows, and charity walks. If you’re not seeing much traction in online lawyer marketing avenues, funnel that money into advertising where your audience physically is.

A family law firm could sponsor a youth soccer team in the area or a DUI defense practice could set up a booth at a music festival and offer branded water bottles.

7. Volunteer

Don’t worry if your budget can’t cover promotional items or advertising. You can always volunteer your time or donate to a good cause. A lot of charities receive fewer donations and less support during the summer months compared to the winter, and issues like food insecurity are just as prevalent (if not more so) when school is out, since children who struggle with hunger can’t take advantage of free school lunches.

To reap the lawyer marketing benefits, you can spread the word about your actions online and in person. Ask for support for your network and explain why this cause resonated with you. Your team can also wear branded shirts bearing your law firm’s name and logo while volunteering. Together, your practice will be supporting a good cause and getting your name out into the community.

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