Spring is an ideal time to let creativity take center stage in your law firm’s marketing. Not only do March, April, and May provide a plethora of holidays to work into great campaigns, but the great weather enables outdoor events as well. Below, you’ll find a few resourceful ideas to help your firm “spring” into marketing action this spring—use these lawyer marketing suggestions to get your creative cogs turning and then customize them to work for your law practice.

Recognize Mothers

According to Hallmark, Mother’s Day is the third most popular greeting card-giving holiday (the #1 most popular in the Hispanic community), and the biggest holiday for gift-giving aside from Christmas. As these statistics show, Mother’s Day is no small holiday for most people, whether they decide to celebrate with just a card or something more. Take advantage of the buzz around the holiday with a campaign that makes sense for your law firm.

If your practice specializes in personal injury law, a Mother’s Day campaign could include copy like “Don’t give the mom in your life a reason to worry. Do what’s best for your family—call us for a free consultation about your personal injury case today.” If it doesn’t make sense to market your firm from this perspective, change your lawyer marketing to be generally family-oriented or explore other options such as tailoring copy more toward the grandmother’s/grandparents’ perspective if your demographic is older, for example. 

Promote Other Holidays

A few other holidays that could make great spring campaigns to include in your lawyer marketing plan are: Tax Day and Earth Day.

Earth Day is a holiday that law firms of pretty much any specialization can take advantage of for marketing purposes. Demonstrate how your firm “goes green” by sending email newsletters versus print pieces (also a great time to promote signing up for your email list!), ask for environmentally-friendly tips from your LinkedIn audience regarding how they reduce their carbon footprints at home and in the office, or host a contest on Facebook.

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Step Outside

Lovely spring weather provides the perfect atmosphere to reach out to your community and potential clients. Try arranging an outdoor event like a community night or even inject a philanthropic element into things: sponsor a local youth sports team, do an outdoor cleanup, or support your firm’s particular philanthropic cause.

Clean Up

No, not your filing cabinets; your online presence! Examine where your attorney website needs improvement, from formatting and design to cleaning out backlinks. Reexamine your calls to action and your email opt-in forms, update old content and write it to be more evergreen, ensure that all hyperlinks work and your About Our Firm and team bio pages are up-to-date. Then, ask:

If the answer is no to any of the questions above, take steps toward improving your website and associated lawyer marketing this spring. For example, set up A/B testing to determine which calls to action improve your conversion rates, or ask for a free attorney website evaluation from the experts at James Attorney Marketing.

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