So much free legal information is now available on the internet that it has become difficult to impress prospects by merely having helpful content on your site.

When the information you provide is available on your site, prospects do not have to provide any contact details. They can browse your site and then head over to the competition without you knowing they are a quality prospect who considered you.

The better approach

To obtain contact information from a higher percentage of site visitors, and to bowl over those who do provide contact information, your lead magnet should be a book.

Law books and their authors remain at the pinnacle of respect for legal information providers because writing a law book is such a major accomplishment. Prospects understand that books require: (1) special knowledge, (2) major hours, and (3) commitment to the subject.

Trouble is, you probably don’t have time to write a book. Most successful lawyers don’t.

Our solution

We created a book for you. Using our 35 years of legal publishing experience, we had experienced practitioners draft the manuscript with our guidance, and we then edited, formatted, and designed the finished product.

We brand the book with your name, photo, biography, and contact information. If you want to add any pages, you are welcome to do so at no additional charge.

Our marketing automation software automatically sends PDFs of the book to your prospects, and our shipping department can send print versions to your best prospects (we charge you for the printing, postage, and handling). At no extra charge you also receive a batch of printed books for your office to display or hand out.

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Your Book Costs Nothing Extra

A book from you to your prospects is included at no additional charge with our marketing automation software.
Our marketing software for lawyers also:

  • Keeps you top of mind by delivering an extensive educational drip series after sending your book
  • Solicits reviews from your clients, lets you screen out any less-than-positive reviews, and then posts the reviews on Google or Facebook and your website
  • Tracks the results of your marketing efforts so you know which to do more of and what to trim or eliminate
  • Optionally eliminates most of your telephone charges by migrating you to internet dialing
  • Includes an upfront business process and technology audit that saves the typical small firm several hundred/month in needless spending

More reviews, more leads, lower spend.