Google is redesigning its Google AdWords package and is expected to take until 2017 to complete the overhaul. Its new focus is going to be on “micro-moments,” which it judges mobile users will go through on their way to a purchasing decision. This move is all part of the company’s ongoing focus on mobile search which has recently moved into a concentration of effort on its local search technology. Will these moves influence paid search and advertising strategies? The answer is yes. If you have an online advertising budget for your law firm, it is time to start noting the moves that are afoot. Although not all of the New World Order of local search is in place, it is clear that a new direction in marketing is emerging, and it is time to explain how you should be targeting your advertising effort to avoid pouring money down the wrong channels.

Search Engine Land has a lot of advice on online advertising developments this week. Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Journal also have some informative articles on online advertising that are worthy of your attention.

Dictionary of ad buying: key terms and acronyms

If you don’t engage in advertising online at present, this guide to ad buying terms should come in handy. The structure of this explanation of the jargon is so well done that it will actually lead you into creating a simple paid marketing strategy for your law firm. The “before” section is particularly useful if you haven’t got a clue where to start with online advertising.

Why Your AdWords Competitors are Making More Money Than You

The main thrust of our research into paid SEO methods this week is to get value for money, so this article hits our target exactly. This piece speaks more to those of you who are already running an online advertising campaign, but wonder whether it is really getting you the volume of new clients for your law firm to justify the budget. As with any business strategy, you may wonder whether your efforts would be better rewarded by spending just a little more, or by just giving up, because it seems the budget increase needed in order to actually win more customers can’t be justified by the small increase in revenue.

This article comes up with some good ideas about how an advertising agency chasing a certain type of customer created new offerings to enable it to pick up those customers that were attracted by its adverts, but didn’t really want to sign up for the package it was pushing. Maybe you could just create an advice shop that doesn’t offer full services, but that also doesn’t take much time to cater to. You could earn revenue from people who make casual inquiries after seeing your ads – at least you could recoup the cost of your advertising. The article focuses on identifying the types of business each keyword attracts, and methods to badger inquirers into signing up for legal services.

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From waste to win: watch how a simple change affects AdWords performance

This piece of advice follows a similar vein to the article above. You should be looking at which keywords channel particular types of customers into your law firm’s offices. Maybe you are attracting people you don’t want. Maybe you should find out, and look for tweaks that will get you inquiries from clients that you do want. This article takes you through that process.

The 4 Cs: A recipe for precise remarketing campaigns

Remarketing is a wonderful, wonderful tool for the badgering recommended in the second article above to get inquirers to take the plunge and hire your legal services. Although remarketing is a term with which many digital marketers are becoming familiar, not many people know how to use it effectively, and you probably have no idea how to tailor it towards people who have shown interest in different pages of your law firm’s website. Susan Waldes knows, and she shares her tips on targeting your remarketing to make sure you know precisely which of your services or presentations interested each visitor, so you can pummel them just on that issue when you pester them through remarketing.

Think cross-channel to build stronger marketing

We have pushed the idea of cross-channel marketing before here at SEO Trends. Last week we outlined ideas of using real-world events and issues in your local area to feed through to your website, and ideas on using your social media presence to draw attention to your local community involvement, again, to direct people to your law firm’s website. This Search Engine Land article is just a pass-through to Digital Marketing Depot where you download a whitepaper. However, it is worth the effort of reading through the report, because these methods amplify a small advertising spend into a wide online presence, and they will catch the attention of more potential customers.

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