Local search factors, driven by mobile access patterns, glide forward almost imperceptibly, every week. Each gradual move is difficult to spot, but in retrospect a big shift can be detected. This week, mobile and global edged a little further into confluence with the definition of “hyperlocal” marketing. This concept takes local signals a little further by reasoning that if your market is locally focused, marketing efforts in the leaks beyond that limited geographical area is just a waste of money. Search Engine Watch carries the definitive report on this new marketing concept this week, and we will also take a read of Search Engine Land in this SEO Trends post.

Mobile marketers are missing out on hyperlocal: report

Here Search Engine Watch introduces us to the idea of hyperlocal marketing through a report on a survey. They measure the degree to which businesses are employing the concept and finds them wanting. However, it is not surprising that few people are taking advantage of this strategy, given that it is a word that Search Engine Watch has only just made up. Don’t write off this idea, though, because in its search for a new buzzword, the site has hit on something important. Reading through this article it seems that the key thrust of the concept mingles in retargeting. That’s a word that gets SEO Trends off the couch. So, we are talking about local with mobile and retargeting. That’s hot. Google Adwords has both a geographical options AND has just introduced a retargeting package. Putting that combination of factors together in your law firm’s digital marketing campaign would really target your ad spend and increase the ROI of your marketing budget.

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How to optimize your Google My Business listing: expert tips

As with any new concept, hyperlocal marketing builds on what came before it, so you need to get all of your ducks in a row on local marketing signals before you can launch into hyperlocal. Here Search Engine Watch revisits Google My Business to ram home to all readers that you better get on it, and if you are already on it, you better check that you have got your entry right. Do you have a Google My Business listing for your law firm? The writers asked four prominent SEO practitioners for their top tips on local marketing. However, none of the propeller heads seem to have spotted hyperlocal targeting – tut, tut, tut.

Google local results get additional search filters on mobile

Here is another example of those tiny little changes that Google sneaks in without anyone noticing. Fortunately, Barry Schwartz did notice it. The introduction of options to grade search results by proximity is just another example of how local search is sneaking forward, and will one day catch you out if you don’t keep on top of every little change. Make sure you brush up your Google My Business results and try retargeting with geofilters, then you will be using hyperlocal marketing for your law firm.

Is a local SEO campaign like a sitcom?

This article compares planning a marketing campaign to the plot of a sitcom. The link is rather tenuous, and doesn’t really work. However, the marketing tactic they work through is for a law firm, so it might be worth reading and tuning out the bits about The Big Bang Theory. The episode they refer to was funny, but it’s probably better to watch that on catchup, rather than through the animated GIFs in this article. Although they don’t touch on retargeting, the concept of a free consultation offer might be worth looking into.

Don’t trust Google to structure your local data

This article from Search Engine Land is a little bit of a deviation from the route to hyperlocal marketing. However, it concerns that answer box that pops up in Google’s results pages and squeezes everyone’s results down the page. Wouldn’t it be lovely to get that box showing some amazing fact supplied by your law firm? Yes, it would. How do you get that? Nobody knows. However, this piece reports on an error that the writer detected in an answer box and that led him to work out where Google gets those answers from. He urges you all to get into scheme markup in order to fill that golden box.

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