You might find that your SEO strategy gets you lots of visitors to your law firm’s site, but none of those visitors ever make a call to come to your offices for an initial consultation. Attracting people to your site is the first step in winning customers. However, you have to be careful how you get those visitors and pay attention to what signals your site sends out to search engines. There is no point attracting dog lovers to your corporate law firm’s site, and you can’t get any business out of illegal immigrants if you sell copyright protection. Your conversion rate will be higher if you make sure you filter out irrelevant members of the public with strong targeting.

The number of people that visit your website is only relevant if they are the right people. You need to track down the people who are likely to want your services and then funnel them through to an actual contract. Search Engine Watch,  Search Engine Journal, and Search Engine Land all have interesting news on the topic of targeting and we will look at their recent postings in this SEO Trends report.

6 Reasons Why Cause Marketing is Different

Getting involved with charity work, advocacy groups, or pressure groups that work in your area of the law is a great idea to get access to targeted marketing channels. You probably don’t need to do much research to find the groups that tie in with your legal specialization, because you most likely already keep an eye on groups that pertain to your practice work. Getting involved with these groups, or running a campaign in partnership with one will help you target the people who need your services.

How to use purchase intent for more effective keyword search

This article is filed by Search Engine Watch in its Pay Per Click subject category. Targeting your appeal for advertisements paid for on a click through basis is a vital money saver. You don’t want to have to pay for a lot of traffic that is never going to convert to customers – it’s a waste of money. Proper keyword selection is the central tool of getting the right traffic to your site either through search results or PPC advertising.

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Facebook ad targeting: every possible option available 

Facebook pretty much invented targeted marketing on the Internet. That’s why they have all of those “changes in your service agreement” notifications that no one ever reads. Yes, every piece of information you put into Facebook belongs to them, and they do that because those attributes that users enter about themselves make targeting possible. Although you may think that’s pretty lousy from a civil liberties angle, it’s great for Web marketing. Unfortunately, Facebook just made selecting attributes for targeting a whole lot harder. The infographic in this article will help you work your way through the maze of categories when targeting demographics for your law firm’s Facebook ads.

Earned engagement and fragmented audiences: kickstart your process in the enterprise

To every rule there is an exception. You may be one of those people that reads cookie cutter advice on marketing, only to finish realizing that your practice seems to fall between the cracks. If your practice specialization caters to a hard-to-reach demographic, you may find that Facebook, advocacy groups, or ads on popular websites don’t get you any business. This article should help you work through a tailored strategy to try to find your audience. Even fragmented markets can be targeted – it just takes a little more imagination.

How to increase your remarketing ad conversions in five steps

Remarketing is also known as retargeting. It is one of those things that the Internet does better than real life. This is the creepy concept where you do a search for a flight, but don’t buy anything, then every website you go to seems to advertise that airline you searched for. It’s a little like stalking, but it works. Find out how to hound your potential clients into submission with this easy guide.

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