Google continues to tweak its wide array of algorithms to benefit local businesses. They do not seem prepared to leave this division of ranking factors alone at the moment and every week reveals another move by the search engine. All of this is very good news for small legal practices, because they get almost all of their clients from their local area.

Now that the driving force of the World Wide Web is working to your benefit, it would be tragic if you missed out on catching the gift by failing to make the few adjustments to your digital marketing strategy. That’s why keeping up on every little local move that Google makes is so important. Search Engine Land has a lot of information this week. We will also take a look at Search Engine Journal and the Moz Blog.

As search changes, Google changes
This article is an easy read and it is a good overview of where we are right now and how we got here. Google’s policies seem to move glacially. On a day by day basis you don’t really notice any change, but when you look back over a year, you can see how much the world of digital marketing has changed. Rather than catch up with all those changes, you should make note of each little shift in the landscape and adjust your law firm’s digital marketing strategy accordingly. As this article points out, mobile and local are the focus of activity at Google right now, so that is where you need to pay the most attention.

How to Fix Your Brand’s Bad Location Data
You probably know that keeping on top of a law case involves not just doing things well, but identifying errors and misunderstandings early on and fixing them. The same is true with search engine optimization. Sometimes digital marketing gets overlooked during the course of some big event, such as a merger, or a relocation to better premises. However, those examples in particular can wreck you local marketing effort. This report draws attention to the various events and mistakes that need to be examined in order to correct any errors in the location information you send out on the Web. You can’t get local customers if you don’t give people your correct location.

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Top 9 reasons Google suspends local listings
Here’s another way that things can suddenly go horribly wrong. Google My Business seems to be the one place you need to be in order to get your local SEO strategy done and dusted. As with anything in this world that is “essential,” losing it can seem like a disaster. Why would Google suspend your law firm’s account? No one ever plans to get suspended. Sometimes it’s because you tried something a bit cheeky and you got slapped down, sometimes it’s because you misunderstood the instructions, or typed something in wrong, and sometimes it is caused by an administrative error. However, every time you get a penalty or a suspension, it takes a lot of work to get the problem fixed. Read through this run down of what can get you punished and make sure you aren’t doing them.

The 9 Most Common Local SEO Myths, Dispelled
Speaking of misunderstandings, Moz has produced this list of misconceptions that a lot of people have about local SEO tactics. Surprisingly, the answer to most of these mistakes is that they are nothing to worry about. Take a look through this list of myths and see whether it helps calm some of your worries about your law firm’s local marketing strategy.

Why “near me” is critically important for multi-location businesses
Nearby search is the direction that local search is heading in. As local search is a bit of a headache for multi-location businesses, nearby is even more so. Don’t worry if you have several locations for your law firm. Just make sure you only log actual addresses and don’t try to fool the system by putting in fake locations – that way lies ruin. Google My Business allows you to enter several addresses, and you can even open up separate My Business accounts for the same business – one for each location.

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