If your law firm is just you, or you and a receptionist, or just you, a receptionist and a partner, then you are probably trying to manage all of your digital marketing yourself. If you can’t afford to pay someone else to analyze the market, build a website, and manipulate your rankings, then you may find the task of digital marketing takes up more time than your case load.

Fortunately, the SEO news sites are full of tips on where you can get resources to help you design and build your website and use all of the various communication channels out there to get the public’s attention. What’s even better, a lot of the tools they recommend are free.

You will always be able to get advice on tools over at the Moz Blog, because Moz produces its own line of digital marketing tools. Articles from their site won’t be appearing in this week’s SEO Trends report. Instead, we have tips on tools from Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch, and Search Engine Journal.

The $0 Marketing Stack: 41 Free Services and Tools

This Search Engine Journal article really is the mother lode of free digital marketing tools. You will probably need to bookmark the page and keep returning to it because if you are looking for free tools, you will need to go off and test those that seem to meet your needs. The list includes Google Analytics, which you are probably already using. You can also read about Open Site Explorer and Moz Pro (from Moz) which are very widely used in the SEO industry and have very accessible user interfaces. The list is just too long to comment on, so our best recommendation is to simply scroll through all of the tools and see which sound like they are the kind of thing you think your law firm’s digital marketing effort is missing.

The 5 best digital marketing courses for the modern-day marketer

It might be stretching the definition of “tools” out a bit to include training courses, but if you’re struggling to sort out a strategy and you really don’t have time to read around the subject, a digital marketing course is probably the best piece of kit you can invest in. Many of them even include proprietary tools that you can use on an ongoing basis as you chart your law firm’s digital marketing strategy.

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Shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone but SEO tools are great for market research and completely free

This article itself is a sort of planning guide for SEO. It lays out four tools that will help you plan your content, and it explains them in the order you would need to use them. Just following the article and trying out each of the tools in sequence will be a great help to you if you have no idea what path to follow in order to create content for your law firm’s website. The tools the article recommends are Google’s Keyword Planner, Google Trends, Answer The Public and Buzz Sumo.

Searching for Video, Images, Audio, Gifs, Podcasts, Memes & Radio: a directory of search engines, finders & generators

If you built your own website for your law firm and want to find images for new posts to the site, this article offers a great list of sources. There are also sources for GIFs and sound files, which may not be all that useful for a general site. However, those sound file sources might come in handy if you decide to post a video on your site.

Google launches their new mobile-friendly testing tool

This final tool tip seems like a no-brainer, and as you probably spent a lot of money and time getting your law firm’s website mobile-friendly last April, you probably don’t think it’s worth bothering with. However, you should try it.
Google have revamped their mobile-friendliness testing tool, and it is worth running your site through it just to make sure they haven’t tweaked the delivery of mobile sites and thrown your site’s presentation out of kilter.

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