Changes in the size of your practice introduce a variety of obstacles on top of the day-to-day challenges. Growing too quickly without keeping an eye on your brand can compromise the high level of service you’ve worked hard to associate with your firm, while damaged morale and abandoned marketing are concerns when scaling down.

Don’t lose sight of your legal marketing goals in times of change. Here’s how to protect your law firm’s brand during growth or downsizing.

During Growth:

Prioritize On-Boarding and Training
When rapidly hiring, it’s difficult to fully on-board each and every employee—from attorneys to office managers to administrative assistants—but failing to do so could be costly. Every employee of your firm is a brand ambassador and the primary source of interaction between your practice and the outside world (clients, media contacts, etc.). They are your law firm’s marketers!

If you don’t ensure that everyone is on board and integrated with your firm’s values, standards of service, priorities, and goals, you can bet that client service and your firm’s overall reputation are going to suffer as each employee interacts differently with clients and resolves issues in an unstandardized way. On the other hand, if you take the time to on-board each new employee so that he or she knows how to properly market your firm every time, you’ll have more control over your firm’s brand.

 Go for Controlled Growth
Growth is good but not when it’s out of control. Go for healthy, sustainable growth by investing in the right clients and the right hires at the right time rather than taking anyone who calls. If you keep attracting the wrong types of clients, revisit your legal marketing strategy and start from the beginning.

  • Who is your target client demographic?
  • Where are you advertising? Are these places the best avenues to reach your target demographic?
  • What is your budget? Could you increase/decrease expenses in certain areas to experience different results?
  • What legal marketing actions are you taking every day/week/month/quarter to see results?

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During Downsizing:

Maintain Morale
It’s understandable for people to feel unhappy when a friend and coworker is let go, or feel burdened by additional responsibilities. The key is to let your attorney team know that it’s okay to be frustrated while the firm endures a time of difficult change, but that the firm’s values, standards, and priorities—including their wellbeing and engagement—will remain the same.

 Invest in Marketing
Investing in legal marketing during downsizing is a must. No matter the size of your firm, you still need new business coming through the door. In these situations, it’s more important than ever to focus on inbound marketing efforts that achieve new accounts without taking too much time and energy away from your strapped attorney team.

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