In one year Phoenix, AZ criminal defense lawyer Howard Snader went from receiving 18-25 calls per month from prospective clients to receiving over 200 calls each month. His 1st quarter 2016 revenues are up 22% over the year-ago figure, and his 2nd quarter is up 41%. How did he do it?

After analyzing how Mr. Snader was marketing his practice, what results he was receiving, and where he was spending his discretionary dollars, James implemented 3 major changes:

1. CRM. We installed our legal customer relationship management system to automate Mr. Snader’s follow-marketing, analytics, and reputation management. James Legal CRM instituted:

  • a fully-automated and criminal-law-specific email drip campaign
  • call-tracking and full analytics of lead sources, and
  • solicitation, screening, and coordination of online reviews

2. Mail. A direct mail effort was launched. Call volume immediately spiked and mail is now the source of half of the law firm’s leads.

3. Website. We reduced Mr. Snader’s spending on his website, and with our team we refined his website’s optimization, increased both the quantity and quality of content being added to the site, and added 24/7 live chat for immediate prospect interaction. Average browsing time on the site has skyrocketed to 90 seconds and leads coming from the website are up 200%.

The CRM’s ’s analytics and call-tracking graphically display lead source for any time period.

Our CRM’s analytics and call-tracking graphically display lead source for any time period.

To better enable Mr. Snader’s firm to handle the increased volume, we took full advantage of Google’s free suite of tools, moving the practice to Gmail and Google Drive.

Mr. Snader now needs more people and space to handle the growth, and:

  • Has hired a part-time attorney
  • Is seeking both a full-time attorney and a paralegal
  • Foresees needing another dedicated phone person
  • Is knocking down several office walls to create more space
The CRM intake-tracking graphically displays lead status.

Our CRM intake-tracking graphically displays lead status.

Coming next for Mr. Snader from James are creation of a 100-page fully-branded book on criminal law, more extensive automated follow-up through the CRM, and additional marketing and automation guidance and implementation.

1. Reduce your monthly spend AND
2. Increase your client signups
What do you have to wager? One 20-minute consulting call. At its conclusion we will tell you roughly how many thousands of dollars in monthly spend we will save you.