A lead magnet is an irresistible offer in exchange for a website visitor’s contact information. Its purpose is to gather targeted leads (qualified contacts) and increase your credibility as an expert in your niche. A good lead magnet can generate hundreds or even thousands of email addresses, making it a great online legal marketing tactic.

Follow these rules of thumb to craft a compelling lead magnet for your firm, and build your email list quickly.

Determine your target market

Get specific—exactly who are you trying to attract to your email list? If you don’t know who to appeal to, you won’t know what types of materials to create. Nail down:

  • Age
  • Geography
  • Education level
  • Average income
  • Marital status
  • Occupation
  • Values
  • Social media platforms that they frequent most
  • Interests and hobbies
  • Biggest problems (what issues could you help them solve?)

The more you know your target market, the better you can tailor your online legal marketing materials to fit their specific needs.

Consider your target market’s wants and needs

After determining your target market, you should have an idea of what they’re interested in and what types of offers they’re unable to refuse. Remember, lead magnets are supposed to be irresistible.

If you are still stumped, look at blog articles you’ve posted and see which topics have performed the best among your audience. Consider the types of questions or concerns that clients raise during consultations or via your website’s live chat service. What are their biggest problems? What would make them realize that they need your services?

There are countless easy-to-make lead magnets for your online legal marketing strategy, such as:

  • Guides: a divorce and family law firm could offer tips for helping families, particularly children, adjust to divorce
  • Cheat sheets: a checklist for items to address before getting divorced
  • Quizzes or assessments: Are You Ready for Divorce?

No matter what type of lead magnet you decide upon, it shouldn’t be long or complex. Easy to make, easy to digest is the way to go.

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Brainstorm a specific, instantly gratifying offer

One of the greatest lures of a lead magnet is instant gratification. Recipients get something valuable for nearly nothing (just their email address), and in the age of the Internet, they can get most of these valuable items right away.

If you’re offering a guide or cheat sheet, make these materials into a downloadable PDF file. Simply write the file in Word, add your logo and contact information, and spruce it up with some images or simple font tweaks (different colors, sizes, bolded text). Then, save it as a PDF file. Once your website visitors plug their email address into the lead magnet opt-in field, they can receive an email with a link to the PDF or could be rerouted to a page of your website that hosts a link.

Same deal with a quiz or assessment—you can use a resource like Interact to build the online quiz and then host it on your website. Once visitors take the quiz, they have to enter their email address to receive the results in their inbox.

Word of advice for these online legal marketing materials: keep in mind that whatever you’re offering should solve a specific problem for your particular audience, and that readers should immediately know the value of your lead magnet. Advertise the outcome clearly!

Poor Example
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  • Although this sample does start to employ the idea of scarcity, which can help attract subscribers, it doesn’t say what the checklist will do for subscribers. For most readers, this wouldn’t be compelling enough to make them enter their email address.

Good Example
Don’t get cheated during your divorce. Be prepared—grab our exclusive checklist of essential pre-divorce steps. Available for a limited time!

  • This is a good lead magnet for several reasons: it clearly outlines the value of the piece as well as what the lead magnet is: a checklist of pre-divorce steps. It also employs the term “exclusive,” which implies that subscribers will receive something special that only a small group of people are privy to, and the phrase “available for a limited time” to trigger a fear of delaying and missing out.

Write the content

Honing in on the specific outcome/value of your lead magnet should make writing the content much easier. If your firm is offering an “exclusive checklist of essential pre-divorce steps,” such as in the example above, create a one- to two-page PDF document that briefly describes each step. For instance, you might include things like:

  • Open personal checking and savings accounts, and start saving money for necessary legal fees
    • Having all of your funds tied up in joint accounts with your spouse can make divorce more difficult, especially when it comes to hiring a great attorney or affording day-to-day expenses.
  • Consult our experienced divorce attorneys. We’ve spent 10 years helping people in our community through tough divorces. Call us at 1-800-123-4567 for a free consultation today!

Advertise your finished product

On your website, blog, social media pages… hit all avenues to get the word out. Before you know it, this online legal marketing strategy could earn your firm dozens of qualified email addresses for your contact list.

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