If your attorney internet marketing plan includes your law firm blog, posts on LinkedIn Pulse, and maybe even a few guest blog articles, your strategy is nearly complete. There’s just one more platform you should be taking advantage of in order to build an audience and promote your practice: Medium.

Medium is a different kind of publishing platform that users are flocking to… which presents a huge opportunity for your firm. Keep reading for three big reasons why you should give Medium a try, as well as tips for making your law firm’s posts more attractive.

Why Your Firm Needs to Be on Medium

  1. Good content takes center stage so small firms can make a big splash

Medium prides itself on being “a beautiful space for reading and writing—and little else.” While you can add images to your posts for clarification or appeal, that’s about it. The simple editor will automatically adjust each piece’s design so you don’t have to worry about aesthetics and instead, can focus on “storytelling” (Medium refers to posts as “stories”).

The better the storytelling, the greater the post’s visibility.

  • Users have the option to Recommend posts using a designated button at the bottom of each article.
  • The number of people who Recommend each post as well as the ratio of people who read it after seeing it, all help to essentially rank the article among everything posted on Medium.
  • Readers also have the option to share each post by Twitter, Facebook, and email.
  • Higher ranked articles are promoted based on the idea that the more people recommending the content, the greater its value.

Why does all of this matter to your firm and its attorney internet marketing strategy?

Because you don’t have to be a tech genius or huge law firm with unlimited resources to make a splash on Medium. As long as you’re producing good legal content that provides value to your clients (prospective, past, and current) and the legal community, you have as good a chance as any big name law firm to gather a following on Medium.

  1. Your audience is out there

Roughly 25-30 million visitors use Medium monthly as of January 2016, and the audience is continuing to grow. Some big names jumping on board are The Gates Foundation and The White House. Because anyone can make an account and read and write about everything from technology to politics, there’s a built-in audience out there that would be interested in your legal content.

Medium is a great way to determine what types of articles rank highly among your audiences—clients and the legal community—so you can hone your writing direction and consistently improve your attorney internet marketing. 

  1. Publishing is easy, with a high potential ROI

Medium’s editor interface is very user-friendly. They’ve stripped away unnecessary customization options so you can copy and paste text right in, add an image, post tags, and even videos from your YouTube channel or Tweets from your practice’s Twitter account, and then publish. If you prefer to get a bit more feedback before publishing or want to build relationships with other bloggers or law firms, Medium enables you to easily collaborate with other users.

Overall, the experience is quick and painless. It only takes a few minutes to post and you can experience a great payoff on minimal investment.

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3 Tips for Publishing Great Articles on Medium

There are several things you can do to make your attorney internet marketing more effective on Medium. 

  1. Integrate your legal blog with Medium

For those law firms concerned with the SEO impacts of posting on Medium and their own law firm blogs, have no fear—you can integrate your WordPress blog with Medium using the latter’s integration tool. This means that in terms of ranking, your blog site will act as the primary source for content. Basically, the content on Medium will be cross-posted from your blog so there’s no SEO hit from posting identical content on multiple platforms.

  1. Hyperlink back to your blog and website

Whether or not you’re able to integrate your website blog with Medium, one best practice for attorney internet marketing is to include hyperlinks to other blog content within articles. This creates more links back to your site and provides further resources for readers to access.

For example, consider hyperlinking back to a post about the most common field sobriety tests in a post about DUI checkpoints during the holidays.

  1. Use calls to action and tags

Calls to action should already be an essential element of your attorney internet marketing strategy. Be sure to continue the trend here and include a call to action within Medium posts to prompt readers to action. Publishing a post about Social Security disability benefits? Try a call to action like: “Our attorneys fight for hardworking people like you to receive the Social Security disability benefits they deserve. Request a free consultation about your case today!”

Additionally, be sure to take advantage of the three tags allowed on every Medium post. “Bankruptcy,” “credit card debt,” and “bankruptcy attorney” can help a bankruptcy firm’s posts reach the right readers.

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