Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing tools out there, say experts like Neil Patel, and best of all, it is a relatively inexpensive and user-friendly lawyer marketing tool for firms of all sizes. One of the main (though by no means, only) indicators of email marketing success is open rate. If you’re consistently seeing very low open rates, try these easy fixes.

  1. Improve subject lines

Many people judge books by their covers and the same goes with email subject lines. Improve your chances of a great open rate by improving your email subject lines.

  • Don’t use red flag terms like “free”
  • Describe what’s inside the email
  • Go for fewer than 50 characters whenever possible
  1. Adjust your timing

People won’t stop to look at email during busy parts of their day. Send at ideal times:

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays: the most popular days to send email newsletters
  • Mondays: poor days to send marketing emails because people are wading through weekend messages
  • Weekdays from 10 AM to 2 PM (recipients’ time zones): ideal email slots

These are not hard and fast rules. Get to know your recipients’ preferences and habits, and analyze your firm’s personal email performance data to determine your best lawyer marketing time frames.

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  1. Avoid spam filters and Gmail’s “promotions” tab

Get out of email no man’s land:

  • Communicate from the start—include a note on your subscription confirmation page that because emails may go to spam, recipients should white list your email address (add it to contacts) to avoid missing great content
  • If recipients are using Gmail, your first message may go to “Updates” or “Promotions.” Recipients can drag this message to their main inbox, and click “yes” to the pop-up query “Would you like to do this for all emails from in the future?”
  • Limit the size and number of images
  • Provide high-quality content (essential with every type of lawyer marketing)
  • Avoid sloppy HTML, especially when moving from a Word file to HTML
  1. Clean your lists regularly

Every six months, clear off contacts that shouldn’t be on your lawyer marketing lists. Sending to stale recipients can prevent you from reaching other, more promising recipients. For instance, if you are sending to four contacts within the same company—one promising and three stale—the company’s server could block all four from receiving your messages due to low engagement from the three disengaged recipients.

  1. Don’t forget about mobile viewers

Mobile opens are at an all-time high and on an upward trend compared to desktop opens. When designing your emails, keep in mind that mobile viewers will look at smaller screens, see shorter subject lines, and need a simpler, mobile-friendly layout to have the same viewing experience as desktop users.

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