Social media marketing is a difficult channel for lawyers. You don’t want to present yourself in too lighthearted a manner. However, if you can strike the right tone, direct contact with potential customers can help establish a rapport and encourage people to come into your office. Success stories are also great for posting on social media and winning new clients. You need to tread carefully, however, and create a specific marketing plan for social media. You will damage your brand if your postings are flippant, brief, or boring. Working out engaging content for social media posts can be particularly difficult.

Search Engine Journal has a lot of good ideas this week on using social media for marketing. Search Engine Land and Search Engine Watch also have some suggestions for your social media strategy.

The Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Management

This excellent Search Engine Journal article is a very good place to start. As you read in the introduction of this week’s SEO Trends report, you really have to put together a strategy for social media marketing. One key starting point is to decide which of the wide range of platforms you will use. The ones that are right for you depend largely on your area of legal specialization. For example, those who offer corporate services would probably be better off using LinkedIn as much as possible. This guide also has some good tips on social media management tools.

6 Steps to Creating a Successful Cause Marketing Campaign

Local issues and campaigns are really good marketing tools for lawyers. Small local organizations need legal work and if they are registered charities you can write your work off against tax. Getting involved in local causes will give you attention grabbing content to post on social media. These local organizations are also a good source of links and the people who get involved in a protest or a fundraising campaign are also potential clients for your firm. This article explains how to translate your support for a cause into publicity for your firm.

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A marketer’s 10 step guide to Snapchat

Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat are the new stars of social media. Each of these platforms has more users than Twitter. The only problem is they are image-based and a lot of the people that use them are teenagers posting selfies – which is not a target market that many law firms chase. However, as this article points out, the over-25 sector of the Snapchat user-base is growing very quickly. These users are a rich seam of potential clients that most law firms overlook. Although they require pictures, you can get those from your involvement in local causes. Speaking of Instagram, check out Why Your Business Needs to be on Instagram, to see whether you could make use of that platform.

How to Be Successful in Twitter Marketing

Twitter and Facebook are probably the 2 top platforms that most law firms choose for their social media campaigns. Even though Pinterest, Intagram, and Snapchat have more users, Twitter appeals to law firms, because it has more gravitas. Strategy and commitment are the top two tips here, as with the run down in the first article in this week’s review.

Using popular culture to drive local positioning/

The examples given in this article don’t seem very relevant to law firms. However, it is included here in this review of social media marketing advice to help you think about ways you can piggyback your marketing effort on the back of entertainment events. Although the Pokemon Go example probably won’t be a very good tip for law firms, the UCHealth case study could inspire you to cook up a marketing campaign related to national or local events.

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