Remarketing is the practice of targeting people who have visited your website but have not committed to book an appointment with your law firm. This method of advertising is widely used by online retailers and it is very suitable for legal practices as well. When someone is searching for legal services, they are very likely to check out at least 3 practices before committing. However, many people close a tab once they have visited the site on it and then forget how to get back to that page. If you manage to get spotted in search engine results, and then actually make a good presentation on your site, you can still lose out on business because people don’t bookmark your page. Remarketing solves that problem because it ensures your ad pops up on any of the Web pages that the searcher visits after leaving your page. They won’t forget you.

Search Engine Journal  has some very good advice on starting a remarking campaign. This practice also extends to capturing addresses for an email campaign, and you will read about those strategies, too. Search Engine Watch  has an interesting article on free tools this week, which will come in handy if you are setting up your marketing campaign.

What is the Best Way to Use Retargeting?

The method that implements remarketing is called retargeting. The two terms can be used interchangeably. This article explains the strategy behind remarketing. It is a way to keep reminding potential clients of your existence. The behavior of clients looking for legal services is not exactly the same as retail sellers. For example, someone might aspire to buy a Jetski, but not have the money yet, so they might visit a Jetski website with the intention of buying in a year’s time. The conversion period for legal services is a lot shorter. Other than corporate clients looking for a long-term legal services provider on retainer, most searchers only start looking for a lawyer when they are in immediate need. However, remarketing is still a useful tool for law firms.

The Guide to Launching Your Remarketing Campaign

If you decide to start a remarketing campaign, you might get swamped by all the research you need to do in order to find the right platform and learn how to use it. If you haven’t got time for that, plump for the Google Display Network. It’s part of Google Adwords and one of the biggest advertising networks in the world. This article gives very clear instructions on how to set up your retargeting with Google’s tools.

What Makes Ebooks a Powerful Business Tool

Retargeting involves secretly copying a little program, called a cookie, onto the visitor’s computer. You might not be comfortable with that. If you find the subterfuge of retargeting morally objectionable, then there are other methods you can use for a remarketing campaign. Ebooks fall into this category. If someone is searching for legal services, the chances are that person could do with an education in how the law applies to their situation. So, if a visitor goes to a specific section of your site that covers a particular practice specialty, you have a rough idea of what that person’s problem is. If you write up an ebook on that situation, the visitor is likely to download it to study offline. Your law firm’s name should be all over the book and you should include links in the text that the reader can click to get to the appointments section of your site. Your firm’s contact details should also be clearly visible in the book. By this method you manage to maintain visibility with potential clients even after they have left your site.

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How to Get an Email Marketing Gold Medal

An email marketing campaign is another method that you can use for retargeting if you don’t like the idea of tagging site visitors. The concept here is that you set up a series of emails and then schedule them to be sent out at regular intervals to the people that you have in your mailing list. Other than the need to write that content, upload them to an email management system and maintain the mailing list, the job is pretty much done for you. Combining the power of ebooks with email is a very effective way to put together a remarketing campaign. Rather than letting the visitor download the report, you get them to enter their email address. The email field is directly linked to your contact management software and you make the ebook delivery email the first in your series of emails to contact. Thus, the general public enters their own address directly into your mailing list and you don’t have to do anything.

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So, how do you set up an email campaign? Check out the Email section of this extensive list of free marketing tools. You will probably get the most user-friendly experience with MailChimp, but try out the other email tools mentioned in the list because you can use any of them for free.

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