The time from lawyer investigation to retention can be lengthy. During that time, a prospective client may consider several different lawyers.

You can greatly improve the odds that you are chosen at the end of this period if you work hard to (1) stay top of mind and (2) impress the prospect with your command of the subject.

An educational drip series is the best way to accomplish both goals.

Creating a strong drip series

By “drip series” we mean a lengthy series of helpful informational letters, booklets, and even videos sent automatically on a regular schedule. I’m sure you have received many examples after providing your email address to a website.

The first drip series to create should be aimed at new prospects. We believe teaching is more effective than selling, especially for lawyers, so recommend that your pieces be educational.

Prospects have many questions, so focus on answering them. And by providing answers in your written materials, you minimize the amount of time you have to spend providing the same information over and over to new clients.

You should answer common prospect questions a variety of ways:

  • Short, plain-text emails which are tightly-focused on a narrow topic
  • Links to lengthier, designed PDFs
  • Links to multi-media pieces like podcasts, videos, or slide shares

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Your answers should be provided directly with FAQs and indirectly with lists, tips, common mistakes, and “what lawyers wish you knew” pieces. Here are some samples from the drip series provided with our marketing automation software (please respect our copyrights):

9 Mistakes to Avoid When You Have Money Problems
Should I Sign a Reaffirmation Agreement?
What to Expect When Filing Bankruptcy

Action List for When Your Loved One is Arrested
Flowchart: 4th Amendment Protections and Exceptions
6 Factors to Consider in Deciding Whether to Testify

Personal Injury
— 8 Common Mistakes Made by Personal Injury Claimants
Writing a Winning Demand Letter
Next Steps After Scheduling Your Initial Appointment

Delivery method

In our legal marketing automation package we use CRM (customer relationship management) software to deliver our various drip series because it allows variations by type of prospect and stage of case. For example, we provide drip series for new prospects, old prospects, missed first call, missed first appointment, and closed case.

However, you can create and deliver the most important series – the one aimed at new prospects – using a simple auto-responder like MailChip, Aweber, or Constant Contact.

Regardless of the method you use, we encourage you to implement this fundamental online marketing tactic as soon as you can carve out some writing time. You will find that a new prospect drip series will quickly lift both the number of incoming calls and the rate at which you convert those calls.

More reviews, more leads, lower spend.