The best way to distinguish yourself from other lawyers who a prospect may be considering is to send an impressive first package of information that answers the prospect’s initial questions. We detailed this approach in another blog post.

The second most effective technique for setting yourself apart in a prospect’s eyes is to build a lengthy and impressive collection of positive online reviews.

Two Ways to Obtain Reviews

  1. Do it yourself. You will need to ask repeatedly, and in a variety of ways, but if you persist, you can get a decent percentage of past and current clients to post reviews online.

You should try multiple message delivery methods, including face-to-face, email, text, and postal letter. And you will need to ask several times. The key is to be persistent.

The big hurdles with the do-it-yourself approach are two: (a) some clients are not comfortable enough with Google, Facebook, Yelp, Avvo, or other’s posting requirements to use those sites, and (b) a few clients will write less-than-positive reviews.

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  1. Use software. The easier way to obtain online reviews will cost you a monthly licensing fee, but the software will quickly build you a collection of positive reviews with little involvement on your part.

It works so well because it takes the technology hurdle out of the process. Clients need zero understanding of Google or Facebook to provide you a review. The software automatically nudges them, and alerts you when a review is received.


Best of all, the software lets you see the review BEFORE it is posted.  You can “park” any less-than-stellar reviews so the public never sees them.

The great reviews will be posted, and are also collected on a custom testimonial page added to your website. Finally, the software gathers all the previous reviews and new reviews of your practice and places them on a private dashboard so you know exactly what is being said about you and your firm.

If you choose to automate your review collecting and screening, the only review software for lawyers that we know about is one component of our marketing automation software.

Whichever technique you use, do make a serious effort to obtain online reviews. Not having any reviews in this social-sharing age is almost as bad as having several bad reviews.

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