Peruse enough lawyer photos and you’ll probably notice a few common elements: desks, law books, rigid postures, and strained smiles. These photographs, while professional, don’t tend to resonate with viewers or jump off the page, nor do they exude an approachable vibe that prompts viewers to reach out.

Forget taking just another standard placeholder photo that belongs to the old school of law photographs. These three suggestions will help you snap attorney website and LinkedIn photos that stand out from the crowd.

  1. Project the right attitude

Set up photos that represent your firm’s distinctive attitude and atmosphere. For instance, a patent law firm that prides itself on its originality and fresh approach to law may want to take website photos that have plenty of color and liveliness—colorful business wear, bright background screens, genuine smiles, and taller body shots.

On the other hand, a more somber criminal defense law firm may want to go with head shots (rather than fuller body shots) and a palette that relies more heavily on black and white for a more formal look.

  1. Consider the photo’s ultimate home

One of the most important elements to consider before taking any photos is where they will ultimately be housed. LinkedIn photos, for example, have one ideal size and resolution range while bio photographs to be featured on your website have another.

If you’re looking to snap a captivating LinkedIn photograph, you’ll want to focus on taking a clear head shot photograph—something close up, clean, and high-res even at small thumbnail size. (It’s worth mentioning that LinkedIn prevents users from placing logos in place of head shot photos, so avoid the temptation.) You have a bit more wiggle room with attorney website photos since you can design your bio page around your images or vice versa.

There are a few things to consider no matter whether the ultimate location of your photo is LinkedIn or your attorney page:

  • Size: What size should the photographs be to match the layout of your page, or to fit LinkedIn’s size standards?
  • Resolution: Think high-resolution for more clarity
  • Color: Does your photo match your bio page’s look or the tone of LinkedIn text, or does it stick out like a sore thumb?
  • Angle: LinkedIn head shots should be straight on for clarity but feel free to experiment with various angles for more dynamic photographs on your website 

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  1. Personalize the blank space

Aside from the photo itself, the space underneath each photo on your attorney website provides even more personalization opportunities. Think about using some of it to share interesting facts about your attorney team or notable awards that could establish credibility. For example, “Katie Smith: Proud supporter of the ABC Law School soccer team and former indefatigable goalie,” or “Joseph Jones: Awarded Legal Times’ Top 100 three years running.”

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