When someone is searching for an attorney, the first thing they’ll do is search for a reputable law firm on Google. If your practice appears on their search engine results page associated with positive reviews from satisfied clients, your chances of receiving a consultation skyrocket.

Take the Law Offices of Loren S. Etengoff in Vancouver, Washington as an example. The law firm boosted its positive online reviews and increased its caseload from 62 to 141, year-over-year. When asked about their purchasing decision, 90% of the firm’s clients mention the presence of positive online reviews.

If your practice is looking to accrue more business from search engines and your law firm website, use the following attorney internet marketing strategies to focus on garnering more positive online reviews.

Online Reviews: The Make Or Break Point

The higher your law firm website ranks on search engine results pages (SERPs), the more visible your website becomes to potential visitors. However, creating a beautiful legal website with great SEO performance doesn’t accomplish much if visitors see a slew of negative reviews on the same SERP.

The bottom line: building a cache of glowing online reviews while limiting the visibility of negative ones ensures that potential clients only see the best of your firm. This could mean the difference between attracting or scaring off new business, especially considering that potential clients looking through online reviews are already very close to the “buying” stage. A good online reputation nudges looky-loos into making the decision to consult your firm over your competition.

5 Strategies to Gather More Positive Reviews 

  1. Implement an automated system

In the case of the Law Offices of Loren S. Etengoff, which more than doubled its caseload in one year using online reviews, the firm’s attorney internet marketing secret to gathering more positive reviews was simple: implement a capable automated system to constantly gather online feedback.

Through the James Online Reputation Management (ORM) system (one feature of the James Legal CRM), the law firm automatically sent out a steady stream of automatic mobile, SMS text, and email campaigns to consistently accrue favorable reviews. Whenever they received negative reviews, the team could immediately address the problem.

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Having a system in place like the James ORM used by the Law Offices of Loren S. Etengoff can enable your team to gather reviews on a consistent basis, without having to micromanage the process.

  1. Be available on multiple platforms

Enabling customers to leave a review on their review site of choice not only increases the chances that they will provide feedback, but also ensures review diversity—one element of building a good local SEO strategy. 

  1. Make it easy

Clients won’t leave reviews if the process is difficult or takes more than a few minutes. Make it easy for clients to leave your firm a positive review—link to your Yelp page from your website, include a simple feedback form in the body of any emails that ask for reviews so recipients don’t have to route to an outside website, and create attorney internet marketing materials that explain where clients can leave reviews and how to do so.

Just remember that some review sites, like Yelp, will punish your firm for asking for reviews. Be sure to check the rules of your most common online review sites and act within guidelines.

  1. Follow up afterward

Every review, positive or negative, gets you a little closer to providing better service and making the client experience more enjoyable. Therefore, reach out and thank everyone who takes the time to leave a review and provide feedback.
In the case of negative reviews, go further and determine how your attorney team can salvage the situation. For instance, if a client heads to Yelp to complain that your office was slow to respond to emails and phone calls, you could respond back with a comment like the one below.

“Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention, Mary. We welcome your feedback and sincerely apologize for your negative experience. Feel free to reach us at 800-999-9999 so we can discuss how to best amend the situation.”

  1. Promote existing reviews

Don’t let hard-earned reviews go to waste! Once you’ve gathered comments for your attorney internet marketing strategy, be sure to best use them to your advantage for branding and to encourage clients to leave even more positive reviews.

Feature them as testimonials on your website (with permission), create a custom review site, and publish them on your social media profiles. (With the James ORM, you can do all that—and more—in the blink of an eye.)

The James ORM tool can help you gain more referrals, testimonials, and business…With less work! Contact us to learn more today.


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