It is impossible to research legal marketing without hearing one consistent message from all sides: content is more important than ever. It’s true, producing content is one of the strongest legal internet marketing strategies for your firm due to search engine optimization (SEO) benefits and increased audience engagement.

So how much content should you be producing on a regular basis to see the effects of your efforts? In other words, how much is “enough” content?

Determining Ideal Content Production Rate

Like many things in marketing, your firm’s ideal content production rate is dependent upon a multitude of factors including:

  • Medium
  • Audience
  • Resources

Different mediums attract and cater to different audiences with varied content tastes. For instance, Facebook is a more casual forum where audiences tend to like shorter, visual posts (typically no more than two new posts per day). Long-form posts focused on professional topics—posted no more than once daily—work well on LinkedIn.

The point is: it’s important to tailor content, altering your core legal internet marketing material to fit each medium’s tone, style, and ideal type of content. For example, a criminal defense practice could start by writing a 1,000-word blog article series for LinkedIn about unreasonable searches and seizures, producing one or two articles every week.
Then, the attorney team could break down the weekly article(s) into smaller pieces and make infographics or short videos for each piece, releasing them every few days on Facebook with a link to the original article and the firm’s website. Once a month, the firm could compile a few of the best posts and infographics to share in an email newsletter, introducing the posts with some brief copy and a few well-placed calls to action.

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As with all marketing, your audience really determines how much legal internet marketing content is the ideal amount for your firm. Take a look at:

  • You firms’ website traffic
  • Blog post readership
  • Email open and read through rates
  • Social media engagement

These can determine how to adjust your production across the multiple platforms you are managing. If a personal injury practice’s blog posts see very high open rates from website traffic but its social media engagement is nil across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, it should analyze the discrepancy. If the firm doesn’t release enough content on Facebook, for example, its rare posts are going to get buried on readers’ newsfeeds before they even have a chance to be seen. At the end of the day, there are dozens of reasons why content could under-perform on social media compared to website traffic, but producing too much or not enough content could be the main culprit.

Of course, “enough” content is relative and depends partially on your firm’s resources. If you don’t have adequate manpower to produce much legal internet marketing material in-house, it’s sometimes best to outsource your legal content creation in order to produce the amount of content required to see significant SEO and audience engagement benefits.

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