Growing your practice consists of 50% great service and 50% marketing. If your firm struggles with the legal marketing part of that equation, the resources below can help to grow your knowledge without spending a dime. Best of all, they’re hosted online, meaning you can access them whenever you find a bit of time in your busy schedule. Explore the following resources and become a law marketing whiz that makes clients come to you.

Where to Learn About Inbound Marketing: HubSpot Marketing Certifications

HubSpot is a marketing software platform that specializes in inbound marketing—marketing that draws audiences in rather than interrupting to get their attention (content marketing versus radio advertisements, for instance). The company provides free HubSpot Academy Certification courses on a number of topics, based on their best practices for inbound marketing.

Though not designed specifically for attorneys, these lessons are still great resources for lawyers looking to learn the ins and outs of inbound marketing in order to establish a solid foundation for their law marketing strategy.

Inbound Certification

  • Synopsis: Introduces participants to the four general stages of inbound marketing.
  • Ideal Attorney Audience: This course is perfect for attorneys who are marketing beginners and want to understand the basic process from start (attracting strangers) to finish (converting them into clients).

Inbound Sales Certification

  • Synopsis: Covers the ins and outs of inbound sales, such as recognizing potential clients.
  • Ideal Attorney Audience: Attorneys who are looking to nail down their client demographic in order to connect with, and appeal to, the right potential clients. 

Email Marketing Certification

  • Synopsis: Explores the need-to-know of email marketing, like how to segment lists and utilize analytics.
  • Ideal Attorney Audience: Attorneys who are looking to gather leads, keep in touch with their audience via email, and improve their law marketing ROI.

These three courses are broken down into short modules that are ideal for attorneys with busy schedules, and each one comes with a study guide to help internalize important points. At the end of each course, you have the option of taking a final exam online and test your new knowledge (you’ll need to answer at least 75% of the questions correctly in order to pass).

Where to Learn About Gathering and Analyzing Data: Google Analytics Academy

There’s no denying that Google Analytics is a powerful legal marketing tool… if you know how to use it. Google Analytics provides raw data such as bounce rate, the number of people leaving your law firm’s website homepage without visiting another page on the site.

Gathering data like this can make a huge difference to your law marketing strategy and ROI. For example, a high bounce rate could be an indication of poor website design or unappealing content, meaning that you should update your website or change your content strategy. Yet, for all of its power and benefits, Google Analytics is not known to be the most user-friendly program.

Familiarize yourself with the most important functions on Analytics Academy, a free course (with study guide!) on data analysis tools. You can finish the program and test your knowledge using the Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) test.

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Where to Learn About SEO: Quick Sprout’s Advanced Guide to SEO

Quick Sprout is a pet project of Neil Patel, the founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and KISSmetrics. The company helps businesses increase their web traffic, and the Advanced Guide to SEO is chock-full of great information for law firms looking to make their site more SEO-friendly.

The Guide to SEO is a written resource that was designed to be visually appealing and organized. Each chapter touches on a different topic such as Keyword Research or Link Building Techniques, so you can navigate to the chapters most useful to your particular law marketing challenges. Let’s say that your personal injury firm wants to learn how to keep blog post links fresh—simply skip over the first few sections and head to the WordPress chapter.

Where to Get Marketing Advice Relevant to Your Law Firm: Blogs

A lot of lawyers find that the marketing advice out there doesn’t apply to them directly; it’s more about selling products or appealing to customers. The key to finding advice specific to the legal industry and your firm is to find the best legal marketing blogs.

Of course, James Attorney Marketing’s blog is a great source of SEO, social media, and online reputation management tips. These are based upon years of experience crafting content, building websites, and integrating social media marketing into comprehensive law marketing strategies, for law firms of all sizes and types. Other legal marketing resources like (filter for legal marketing articles using the “Topics of Interest” section on the right of the page).

Gathering information from blog sources that cater to law firms ensures that your practice receives the most relevant legal marketing information. For instance, you’ll learn exactly how your practice can create a top-notch referral system to grab more clients with less work, rather than yet another irrelevant article about “The Best Instagrammers for Your Business to Follow.”

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