With Google My Business, Google+ (Google Plus), Google Analytics, there’s a lot to know about marketing your law firm on the biggest search engines, not to mention countless places to show up! A huge key to marketing success for most law firms is focusing on local marketing in order to reach prospective clients that live in the local community—basically, the people that are most likely to need and want your services.

That’s easier said than done. Most law firms struggle to keep up with the changing local marketing landscape and develop a strategy that actually lands them in front of their ideal audience, as well as at the top of the search engine results on Google.

If these challenges sound familiar, take a minute to read through these frequently asked questions involving Google Local optimization and utilizing online local marketing to your advantage. You might just uncover the attorney marketing answers you’ve been looking for.

What is a Google My Business listing?

A Google My Business listing is basically an overview of your law firm. It presents information that is pertinent to curious visitors, such as:

  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Business hours
  • Website
  • Directions
  • Reviews and an average rating from clients and visitors
  • Photos of your law firm

Why is a Google My Business listing important?

First and foremost, a Google local listing provides information that potential clients need to contact you. If your prospective clients are using Google these days (and who isn’t?), then they will immediately type your law firm’s name into their search bar… and one of the first things that will pop up is your Google My Business listing, since Google wants to provide the most helpful information to their users right away.

Providing a full and accurate profile avoids frustrated or misled visitors and creates a direct path from searching a query to contacting your law firm’s website.

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How can I make my Google My Business listing more powerful?

A completed local listing ensures more informed and satisfied visitors while playing a role in SEO. Although the ins and outs of Google’s algorithms are never totally known to those outside of the company, major players in the online marketing world such as Moz have found that several factors can rank pages more highly than others.

For instance, if your law firm’s profile has received more client reviews than your competitor’s, it may rank higher on the list, which can mean more visitors routing to your website and converting to clients (this is why online reputation management is one key element of the James Legal CRM—some of our clients have seen incredible attorney marketing success by building their positive online review library!).

Adding photos of your law firm such as the façade of the building can also boost your Google My Business page, as well as having an owner verified profile.

It’s also worth noting that “bread and butter” SEO practices like creating relevant content and designing a user-friendly mobile site are still powerful attorney marketing strategies that go hand in hand with increasing the presence of your law firm’s Google My Business page; the more visitors heading to your website because of its helpfulness, the higher your organic ranking.

How is Google My Business related to Google+?

Google+ is still a separate entity from Google My Business but the two tools are intertwined in some ways. Your law firm can manage your Google+ page from the Google My Business dashboard, including sharing updates to your social media network and adding connections.

This not only makes keeping on top of your Google+ presence quicker and easier, but also ensures that your law practice has one more profile under its control that’s ranking highly on search engine results pages. And reaching an estimated 135 million active members through the Google+ network? That sure doesn’t hurt your attorney marketing power either.

What are a few things I can do today to start improving my local marketing online?

All the information above might seem overwhelming to someone new to Google local marketing. If that’s the case, here are a few concrete steps you can take today to start building your attorney marketing strategy for local:

  • Take ownership of your Google My Business page
  • Complete your Google My Business profile
  • Get active on Google+
  • Reach out to an attorney marketing partner like James Attorney Marketing, who has experience with both Google+ Local optimization and streamlining attorneys’ marketing and business processes (while saving money!) with their James Legal CRM

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