Google has been making moves this week to improve advertising opportunities across its contagious brands. This includes Google AdWords, which gets you visibility at the top of Google’s results pages and Google Maps. Twitter and Facebook are also enhancing the prominence of adverts, so now might be a good time for you to review your law firm’s paid advertising element of your digital marketing strategy.

Search Engine Land has been particularly excited about Google’s AdWords changes this week. Search Engine Journal, and Search Engine Roundtable have more news about expanded advertising opportunities.

Google Local Pack Ad Seen For The First Time

Google announced at an industry conference some time ago that it would be inserting ads into the local pack, which appears at the top of search engine results pages. This change has now appeared, although it has only been spotted in the UK so far. SEO gurus had been expecting Google to reserve the top 2 slots in the local pack for ads. That would present a problem for those trying to get into the pack, because that would only leave 2 slots left for organic results. As local search is vital for small and middle-sized law firms as a method of attracting customers, the advent of paid ads in the local pack means you should seriously consider paying for a position in Google’s search results via AdWords. The example highlighted in the Search Engine Roundtable article only allocated 1 slot to an AdWords entry, but this feature is still at the experimental stage and any further encroachment on the local pack by paid advertisements would make this channel of advertising an essential spend.

Excited about Google’s new map ads? You should be!

This Search Engine Land article explains how Google is enhancing its services to AdWords customers through Google maps. The first screenshot in this piece is a mock up of the local search AdWords placement that the Search Engine Roundtable article identified as now live. The Promoted Pins section of the article is of particular interest to lawyers. If you struggle to stand out from the crowd, because your office location is packed with other law firms, then getting a pin with your logo on it could help you out – you would need to design a very small logo, however.

So we have 45 more characters in AdWords text ads… Now what?

This is the big news story in the SEO world this week. If you are using AdWords, then make sure you expand all of your adverts to the new word limit – missing out on that opportunity would give your law firm’s rivals the edge. Search Engine Land gave column space to a techie who has come up with an automated way to expand all your AdWord texts. He explains this method in Expand all your AdWords ads in 30 seconds flat.

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Twitter Unlocks Conversational Ads For All Advertisers

Twitter has come up with a really good idea for those brands that use the platform for advertising. The scenario the author explains in this article probably wouldn’t work too well for law firms. The idea there is that people who want to access something posted on your profile, such as a movie preview, would need to give you a mention in order to earn access. That idea of unlocking access to a resource only works for industries that have avid fans. However, this unlock card concept could equally be used to put together a press pack surrounding a promotion you are running for your firm. You would grant people the right to reproduce your logo, promotional videos, or images in their tweets if they agree to write about you.

Mid-Roll Ads Coming to Facebook Live

Have you heard of Facebook Live? Not many people over the age of 14 have. However, if it has Facebook behind it, it is sure to thrive. This feature caters to all those annoying people who film everything with their smartphones. If you have ever been to a pop concert you will know how common this habit has become. However, people also film arrests, crashes, terrorist attacks, political announcements, police harassment, protests, etc. All of the streams for any event that might tie in with your legal practice’s area of specialization could be worth sticking an ad over.

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