We hear it regularly: lawyers hate their negative reviews. They are frustrated and hurt when clients vent their sometimes-unjustified and frequently-overstated dissatisfaction by posting a negative review on Google, Yelp, Facebook, Avvo, or other site. If you have had an angry client unload online, you know firsthand the pain caused.

Here is one of many negative reviews about lawyers that have been posted on Yelp:
What you can’t see is how much business you lose due to each bad review. A large percentage of your prospective clients will check your online reviews before making their call-you / don’t-call-you decision, and every negative review found will cause some prospects to look elsewhere.

What very few lawyers know is that negative reviews can be avoided with software.

Pre-Screening Is the Solution

Most advice you read about negative reviews instructs you to barter, beg, or bribe the writer to take down the bad review. If only it was that easy. If the client was a reasonable type, the review probably would never have been written.

The better solution is to take control of review posting. That way you decide which reviews the public sees and which reviews only you see. In our software we call this hiding process “parking bad reviews.” After receiving a bad review you can decide whether to make any changes at your firm or to reach out to the unhappy client. But with our software no one else besides you sees the criticism.

Here are two negative reviews that came in through our software and were parked before the public could see them.

The arrows pointing to the red line on the left and the icon on the right indicate that the review is parked on your dashboard.


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We try hard on our blog to provide suggestions you can implement yourself. Unfortunately, this highly-effective pre-screening technique requires software, and we are the only provider of this type of software to lawyers that we know about.

How the Process Works

  1. Our software automatically sends requests for reviews to your clients using email and text.
  2. The resulting reviews come to you BEFORE they are publicly posted.
  3. With one click you permit the positive reviews to be posted.
  4. You “park” any bad reviews with an alternate click.

good_review_1 good_review_2

Bonus Benefits

— You will receive far more reviews than you did before because asking works and the intimidating login and other technical hurdles are eliminated for your clients.

— Only the reviews that you okay will appear publicly.

— In addition to being posted where specified by your clients, the reviews you okayed will be posted on a review page created for your website.

— These new and positive reviews will be indexed by search engines and so will become more frequently encountered by your prospects.

— All reviews about you and your firm, whether generated by our software or previously-existing, will be gathered on one dashboard. You will know at a glance exactly what has been said online about your law practice, so no surprises will occur during conversations with new clients.

One Component of our Marketing Automation Package

Our review generation and screening software is only one element in our six-part marketing automation software. But it is one that quickly and visibly pays sizable dividends by (1) rapidly and steadily placing online large numbers of positive reviews about you and your law practice and (2) preventing any bad reviews from being posted.

The other five elements of our marketing and automation software for lawyers are:

  1. A legal-profession-specific CRM that automatically sends quality and specialty-specific educational content to your prospects, including a 100-page book branded with your name, photo, biography, and contact information.
  2. Telephone software which tracks your follow-up efforts and allows unlimited dialing at no extra charge.
  3. Google app installation that will allow you to drop other costly services and work more collaboratively.
  4. Complete analytics on one dashboard which makes it easy to measure marketing results by channel, expand the efforts that are working, and discontinue those that aren’t.
  5. A preliminary cost-savings technical and business process audit which typically saves solo practices hundreds/month and small firms thousands/month.

Pre-screen to win.