Google can help you find information about any topic out there in mere seconds, but if your law firm is only using Google for its searching capabilities, you are really missing out. The following free Google tools can significantly increase your lawyer SEO and legal marketing ROI, and they are all available to you anytime, anywhere.

  1. Google Drive

Google Drive is a content manager’s best friend. It enables you to:

  • Collaborate easily with decision makers and team members
  • Assign certain permissions to different users per document, such as the capability to view only or view and edit
  • Edit documents in real time
  • Track changes by user
  • Access documents even from outside the office without having to email back and forth
  • Record which users upload, move, and delete documents, and when these actions occur
  • Store photos and videos such as media for blog posts

Every attorney who purchases a Google Apps for Work account at your firm will automatically receive 30 GB of storage.

  1. Google My Business

Over the years, Google has improved its efforts to provide people with the information they need as quickly and effortlessly as possible. When people search for your law firm online today, they will typically see your free My Business page, similar to this one for James Attorney Marketing.

A My Business page provides important highlights about your law firm such as:

  • Your address
  • A map with your location
  • Directions
  • Phone number and website
  • Hours
  • Photos of your building
  • Brief snippets of reviews left by internet users
  • Links to your firm’s social media profiles

If the information presented here is incorrect, it can really decrease the foot and phone traffic going to your firm, as well as your lawyer SEO. To correct any information, go to your Google My Business feature and click on the “Suggest an edit” link.

  1. Google Alerts

Stay on top of relevant news and potential blog topics using Google Alerts. It’s easy—simply visit, create a Google Alert about a specific topic, decide how often to receive alerts, and Google will send you an email when it locates any new results about the topic per your instructions.
You can track your law firm’s name and your specific type of practice like “personal injury law.” Google Alerts can also spark blog topics. For instance, a personal injury law firm could set an alert for “car accidents in Michigan” or “celebrity car crash.” The marketing team could comb through the results to find a good story and write a blog article covering the current event that also showcases their personal injury law knowledge.

  1. Google Trends

Trends is basically a snapshot of what’s going on throughout the internet at any given time. This tool is ideal for discovering what kinds of keywords within your niche receive the greatest number of searches.

For instance, you can compare the number of times that the term “patent lawyer” was searched within the past 12 months compared to the terms “patent attorney” or “patent law firm.” Feature the best contender on your website and social media profiles to improve your lawyer SEO.

Though Trends is not as powerful as the Google AdWords Keyword Planner, the tool definitely pulls its weight and is free to use (AdWords charges for every successful advertisement).

Download our free guide and learn about the importance of key performance indicators (KPIs)

  1. Google Analytics

The go-to for law firms looking to analyze significant data points like website bounce rate, Google Analytics should never be off your radar. Sign up for free, collect data, and analyze the information at your fingertips to continually improve ROI little by little. 

  1. Google Search Console

Search Console goes hand in hand with Google Analytics by enabling you to improve your law firm website’s ranking and appearance in Google search results pages. Use both tools in conjunction to enhance your attorney marketing ROI, SEO, and audience engagement.

  1. Google+

Though Google+ isn’t as widespread as Facebook, it is by no means a useless social media platform. Google Plus helps with lawyer SEO and is incredibly valuable in terms of content promotion and audience engagement. These are just a few benefits of Google’s social media tool:

  • Every post on Google+ is indexed by Google, meaning your content can easily become more popular on Google search engine results pages as more people read, share, and join your network
  • Google+ allows you to organize people into circles based on their interests, so you can share content relevant to potential clients (articles that demonstrate why they need an attorney when filing bankruptcy, for instance), current and past clients (how to budget and save to avoid debt), and industry colleagues (new laws on the books)
  • There’s less noise on Google+, which makes it easier to connect and build deeper relationships with your audience 

If you already have a Google Apps for Work account, you have access to a Google+ account as well. Just fill out your profile and start sharing.

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