Fine-tuning a few things on your law firm’s website may not seem like a big deal, until you realize that small changes can be the difference between a website viewer remaining a voyeur or converting into a paying client. These six quick tweaks to your lawyer website can improve your conversion rate without a huge investment of time or funds.

1.  Draw attention to your call to action

Your call to action is among the most important elements of your lawyer website because it strategically prompts viewers to become clients. Highlight your call to action by making the CTA button a vivid color that stands out from the background, using a Hello bar, banner, or pop-up on your homepage, or featuring small icons or images to draw the eye.

2. Extend a time-sensitive offer

Infomercials are great at time-sensitive offers. Phrases like “order within the next ten minutes and we’ll double your offer” instills a sense of urgency in consumers because they don’t want to lag and miss out on the deal being offered to them.

Do something similar with your lawyer website to improve your conversion rate. Try promotions such as “Today only: Call us at 888.888.8888 and we’ll send you a free copy of our popular bankruptcy FAQ guide.” You could also apply time-sensitive verbiage to other parts of your website like your calls to action.

 3. Build trust with testimonials and photos

People only work with whom they trust, especially in the legal industry. Start building trust with viewers from the get-go by featuring testimonials on your lawyer website, perhaps within a rotating sidebar on your homepage that leads to a separate testimonials page. Other rapport-building options to consider:

  • Logos and explanations of legal industry and local awards you’ve earned
  • Excerpts from publications your firm has been featured in, with links to the full articles
  • Social media icons leading to your pages: Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, Twitter, etc.
  • Touching videos and stories from people that you’ve helped (with their permission)
  • Names of major clients you’ve represented (with their permission)

 4. Improve aesthetics

Slight design improvements to your lawyer website can make a world of difference. Changing the homepage background and font color, for instance, can make your content more readable to visitors and increase the average length of time spent on your website.

Focus on implementing small aesthetic improvements. Clean up your website layout (especially above the fold) by removing any clutter, ensuring that the color palette is pleasing to the eye, and including short, digestible phrases and striking images.

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5. Simplify content

Your copy only has a few seconds to catch readers’ attention. Concisely say what you need to say in simple layman’s terms, and then let the call to action take center stage. Phrases such as “If you’ve been hurt, we can help,” for instance, send a strong and clear message without mincing words.

6. Implement live chat

Website visitors, though they may have questions about your services, won’t necessarily make the effort to pick up the phone and call for answers. Implementing live chat on your lawyer website can provide a fast, unintimidating option for web visitors to propose questions or address concerns.

This can not only increase satisfaction regarding your firm’s responsiveness and communication but also connect your attorney team to warm prospects it may not have otherwise found, boosting your odds of conversion.

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