Email opt-outs result from a variety of factors, not the least of which is recipient disengagement. When readers don’t connect with you, your brand, and/or your content, they are much more likely to unsubscribe from emails due to a lack of engagement. With these tips for preventing opt-outs, your firm can build a solid subscriber list for your legal newsletters and general marketing emails.

Tip #1: Gather better quality recipients from the get-go

A quality email list full of engaged recipients starts from step one: gathering email addresses from people who are genuinely interested in your brand in the first place. Of course, the number of recipients on your email list matters, but it’s always better to have a smaller list of recipients who open your emails, read your legal newsletters, and respond to calls to action (by contacting your firm, participating in marketing surveys, sharing blog content, providing referrals, etc.) than a much larger list of low-quality leads.
Ensure that you’re building a quality list from the get-go by reaching out to the right people, including:

  • Website visitors
  • Past clients
  • Referrals
  • Connections from networking events and in-person marketing events 

Tip #2: Pay attention to formatting

If poor formatting makes reading or navigating your legal newsletters difficult on desktop, phone, or tablet, most readers won’t hesitate to opt-out of receiving them. Quality check by sending test emails to ensure that links work, images are properly sized, and the overall design looks pleasant and cohesive.

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Tip #3: Don’t just sell

Strike a balance between pitching and simply providing free advice and information in order to deliver valuable emails. For example, a bankruptcy firm could include a newsletter article describing 10 ways to stop accruing debt, and then follow that information with a gentle call to action: “Bankruptcy may be the best solution to address your debt. Find out your options by calling our knowledgeable attorneys at 1-888-888-8888 now.”
Additionally, another way to ensure value is to portion your list so you’re not sending the same content to everyone. A personal injury firm, for instance, could separate their list into those interested in on-the-job injuries and those who would prefer information about off-the-job injuries. That way, recipients receive content that is relevant to them, such as Worker’s Compensation information for the former category and medical malpractice content for the latter list, and have more reason to value your firm’s emails and legal newsletters.

Tip #4: Communicate just often enough

Make a game plan for keeping in touch with different categories of contacts. Your warmest contacts, for example, may appreciate receiving emails relatively often from you—maybe a message every two weeks. More than once a month for cold recipients is probably overdoing it and could lead to lower subscription rates.

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