Average firms wait until marketing campaigns roll out to hit referrals hard. Top-notch attorney teams make client loyalty a priority from day one, ensuring a high client satisfaction rate and a steady stream of referrals coming in year round. If you’re wondering how to turn new clients into brand ambassadors, look no further than these three lawyer marketing to-dos.

  1. Welcome them to the team

“At the end of the day, people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” These wise words from Maya Angelou can be applied to your service strategy from the very first day with a new client.

True, clients are hiring you to provide a service, but they probably don’t want the relationship to feel purely transactional. Dedicate some time to creative lawyer marketing and put together a welcome packet that introduces new clients to your firm. This could include:

  • A letter from firm partners
  • A bio about their case manager (with a photo if possible)
  • Background information about the firm
  • Contact information for their points of contact at the firm, such as those involved with their case and billing
  • Your engagement agreement
  • A lawyer marketing piece advertising the other services offered by your firm
  • A call to action piece urging recipients to follow your firm on social media
  • A few business cards for referrals

If clients feel as if you’re working with them and see them as an important partner in their case, they’ll feel like they’re being well treated. This connection could lead to long-term loyalty and significantly up the odds that they will recommend your services to others.

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  1. Validate and address concerns straightaway

When a client turns to you for help, it’s understandable that they’ll have questions and concerns. Ease their mind right away by giving them time to ask questions. Even just a few minutes of open discussion time during in-person and telephone meetings with a client can go far in settling their mind, validating their worries, and leading them down the road toward becoming a brand ambassador.

  1. Resolve issues immediately

Client issues are make or break lawyer marketing opportunities. In a study conducted by an established client service software company, 40% of respondents claimed that they avoided working with firms that provided poor client service after a problem. On the other hand, more than 60% of people attributed positive satisfaction levels to quick problem resolution.

When a problem arises for your firm, be sure to:

  1. Name one point of contact responsible for reaching out to the client
  2. State that you’ve received their email/phone call and are investigating the matter
  3. Do everything you can to resolve their issue quickly and fully in order to see satisfaction rise

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