Calls to action may very well be the last thing on your mind. What with writing concise email content, engaging blog articles, and creative social media posts, crafting those little phrases should be at the bottom of your to-do list, right?

Think again. Strategic calls to action can act as some of the most powerful weapons in your attorney marketing arsenal; they can convince people to click and provide their contact information so you can build your email list.

They can transform potential clients from cold leads to warm leads. They can lead traffic to your website and build a blog following.

If all of that sounds appealing, read on to learn how to write irresistible calls to action that make people click on your attorney internet marketing.

Appeal to Their Curiosity

Calls to action like “learn more about ___________” are great attention-grabbers. They appeal to a reader’s curiosity and desire for more information about a topic that interests them. Simple, yes, but often more effective for your attorney internet marketing than you may think.

“Learn more about why Houston voted us Friendliest Bankruptcy Law Firm!” is one example that could push website visitors to go from looky-loos to warm leads.

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Minimize the Risk Factor

Just because people are perusing your website doesn’t mean they’re ready to take the plunge and pick up the phone. Minimizing the risk factor can take the pressure off and increase the probability of potential clients moving forward in the sales process. For instance, a “Try now!” call to action is nonthreatening because it implies no obligation, merely the chance to find out if your legal services are a good fit.

Give Them Something for Free

Something for nothing—talk about a great deal! That’s how prospects will see the term “free” when it’s included in calls to action on your website. For example, a criminal defense firm could implement a call to action reading “Receive a free consultation from our compassionate legal experts now!” This text could be in a website sidebar, at the bottom of blog posts, within a web pop-up, or even on an eye-catching but unobtrusive Hello Bar at the top of their site—the attorney internet marketing possibilities are endless!

Download our free guide and learn about the importance of key performance indicators (KPIs)

Start a Conversation

Simple phrases like “Talk to us” or “Our team is here to listen—contact us now” sound friendly and attentive, and can push website visitors to click on that live chat button, send you an email, or even call.

Like all inbound marketing, this attorney internet marketing strategy forces the potential clients to come to you, saving your firm time and money. All your attorney team has to do is monitor the phones, email, and live chat to be ready with a friendly voice whenever prospects can’t resist that call to action.

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