Gone are the days when marketing was simply an avenue for talking at consumers. Now, the most successful marketing practices include storytelling in order to speak with audiences and elicit an emotional reaction that establishes a genuine connection to your brand. One of the most effective methods of storytelling—aside from well-written, custom content, of course—is to utilize images as a vehicle of communication.

Here’s how to use images to tell a story on your law firm website.


Brainstorm Your Storyline


First, figure out what story you’d like to share. What differentiates your firm from others? Website visitors, on average, assess a website within a few seconds—what one message would you like to tell them using the images on your law firm website?

A Social Security disability benefits firm may want to feature its core values and purpose at the forefront, in order to demonstrate that their compassion for clients sets them apart. A DUI defense firm, on the other hand, may desire to make a more forceful impact, signifying that they have the capabilities to aggressively protect a defendant’s rights.


Pinpoint Your Image Style


The message you’d like to convey to your audience hugely influences the look and feel of all images. For instance, the screenshot below was taken from the website of The Law Offices of Robert Haberer (designed by James Attorney Marketing’s website development team). Similar to the DUI defense firm example above, this practice chose to employ a more forceful image—a dark, close-up image of someone in handcuffs—that sends one message: when you or your loved ones end up in this scary, helpless situation, we will be there to help.
Once your firm has decided upon which message you’d like to send to viewers, consider which types of images would efficiently portray it.



Find Your Image Source


Most practices don’t have the time and resources to develop unique images for their law firm’s website. Luckily, there are other options including:


  • Stock image sources such as Thinkstock or Getty Images
  • Free photo sources like Picjumbo and Pixabay
  • Outsourcing to a qualified web design team that can manage everything from design to functionality

Place Images Appropriately


Once you’ve decided on which images to utilize in your law firm’s website, simply choose where to place them. Would you prefer to have one banner image that spans the width of your webpage, or several smaller images scattered down the page as visitors scroll down? Feel free to experiment with a few variations and see which receives the greatest audience engagement.
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