Marketing never stands still. Real-time data can transform your firm’s marketing goals on a monthly basis, audience demographics change over time, and consumer preferences consistently evolve. Marketing surveys are an opportunity to source audience feedback on a regular basis to ensure that your marketing efforts aren’t going stale.

Here’s the kind of feedback you should be gathering from your audience, and how to act upon it to improve your attorney marketing.

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1.      How often and in which medium they prefer to be communicated with

Take the guess work out of communication by asking people how often they’d like to receive your attorney marketing communications. Would they like to get all their information from one source such as your firm’s monthly personal injury newsletter or would they prefer a weekly email containing links to the most recent blog content? How about phone calls or print pieces like thank you cards?

Aside from consistent marketing surveys, another occasion to survey your audience and find out how often contacts want to hear from you is during unsubscription. When people unsubscribe from your email list, pop up an optional survey to ask them why they are leaving. It may be that they were receiving emails too often, in which case, you know to potentially ease up on emailing your remaining contacts.

2.      What you could do better

To ensure that your marketing efforts—such as your communication via social media and the content that you’re providing online and in print—is exceeding expectations and reminding clients why they decided to work with you, probe your audience to find what you could be doing better. An open form field on a survey can bring in helpful suggestions that you hadn’t thought of.

3.      How likely they would be to recommend your firm to others

Set this question up for clients to answer on a scale from one to ten. If clients love your brand and their experience, they’ll be happy to recommend your legal services to others and rank you highly—a true sign of a loyal client. You could use this opportunity to ask what they love about your firm and whether you could use their words as testimonials to feature on your website and other attorney marketing pieces.

If they rank your practice on the lower end—let’s say, anything lower than a six—you can route them to another question that asks what you could be doing better (see #2 above).

Download our free guide and learn about the importance of key performance indicators (KPIs)

Final note

Don’t forget to incentivize surveys in order to increase participation. Enter each survey taker into a raffle for a gift card or cash prize, for instance, and always mention the purpose behind the survey: you want to ensure that your firm continues to provide value to its clients.

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