A New Year ushers in new marketing strategies and business opportunities that can help maximize your firm’s success—if you pay attention to them. What marketing tactics worked in 2014 may have changed a bit, or have been altered altogether, and implementing these changes could mean the difference between outshining your competition in 2015, or being left in the dark.

Although there will be many marketing developments in the months ahead, here are 7 front-running trends and predictions that hold the most weight.

1. Focus on Paid Placements

With the saturation of social media marketing, the days of free reach are over. To stay ahead of your competition, clients need to be able to find you before they find them. Using sponsorship opportunities, syndication services, and paid content placement will keep you steadily in the public eye.

2. Focus on Mobile Marketing

Mobile traffic now exceeds desktop traffic, so to get your firm found and keep it found, focus a large percentage of your 2015 marketing strategies around mobile marketing. Provide content and contact information that is quickly and easily accessible via a mobile platform.

3. Market Emotionally

Emotional branding is a key marketing strategy now, and will continue to be in 2015. Emotional branding refers to building a brand so that it appeals to a client’s emotions and needs. Reaching your clients on an emotional level can drive business leads like nothing else. 

4. Micro-target Your Audience

Broad, generalized marketing doesn’t work anymore, especially in a niche practice area such as slip and fall accidents, underage DUI defense, etc. Using long-tailed keyword phrases for SEO, and building your social media pages around a specific audience will be important to building both your brand, and your business.

5. Focus Content on Storytelling

Provide content in the form of storytelling; e.g. engaging content that makes a connection between you and your audience, not dry blurbs about the legal services you provide. Tell case stories (omitting personal information, of course) that potential clients can relate to, and gives them hope in their own legal situation. Storytelling is one of the most powerful marketing tools available.

6. Focus on Select Social Networks

For the coming year, focus on 2 or 3 social media networks only; spending quality time on each fostering relationships with your readers. Stretching limited time between a multitude of social networks is non-productive at best, and can alienate your followers as they grow bored with your lackluster approach to consistent, quality content, and meaningful engagement.

7. Market To the Tech Friendly

Even if the majority of your clients are older; e.g. Elder Law or Estate Planning, don’t underestimate their digital knowledge, or those close to them. Build out your website, mobile website, social pages, etc., to cater to a tech-savvy audience. Providing technologically-advanced options will satisfy clients who are in-the-know, and appeal to those looking for a firm that implements modern processes.

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