Your website is the landing page of your law firm. While your firm’s blog and social media pages help to connect with potential clients while building your brand, it’s your website that’s at the core of your marketing success. If your website doesn’t convert clients, all the lead generation from other sources can be rendered useless.

If you’re not getting the results you’ve been hoping for from your website, here are the top 5 reasons why your website isn’t selling, and what you can do to change the tides to drive better traffic, and improve user engagement.

1. Lack of Testimonials

If your website doesn’t include testimonials, you’re missing out on a highly-effective conversion tool. Testimonials from satisfied clients can turn a skeptical prospective client into a convinced one. A good testimonial conveys that your firm is trustworthy, professional, and can deliver results.

2. Not Mobile-Friendly

Mobile traffic now tops desktop traffic, so if users can’t access your website from their phone, you’re letting clients slip through your hands. Would-be clients are often on-the-go, and your website should be able to accommodate their needs in a quick and easy manner.

TIP: Make sure that your contact information is readily visible on your mobile website. If a client using a phone has to scroll to contact you, that can equate to a dead lead.

3. Not Client-Friendly

Clients in need of legal help want a law firm’s website to be focused on them. This means providing answers to frequently-asked questions, lending helpful tips, and ensuring a client that your firm can take care of their legal needs.

4. Slow Load Times

Even if your website is filled with bravado media, visitors will likely leave your site if pages take too long to load. Compressing images and large files can lead to quicker load times.

TIP: Use a tool like to shrink files and optimize your site’s performance.

5. Outdated Information

Have you ever scrolled down to the bottom of a web page to where a copyright date is listed, and it’s outdated by a year, or two? Doesn’t give much confidence that the company who owns the site is doing any recent business.

A website that’s outdated, or looks that way by use of outdated design, Flash graphics, etc., is an instant  turn off to clients. Make sure that your firm’s website is current by implementing the latest technology, refreshing existing copy regularly, and adding new, quality copy every week.

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