When you walk into the office, do you feel the crackle of energy and comradery or a heavy cloud of fatigue and dissatisfaction? If your attorney team isn’t engaged on the job, it’s going to be obvious not only to you, but to your clients as well… which doesn’t bode well for the practice’s reputation or marketability.

This is what building team engagement can do for your brand and online law firm marketing.

1.      Employees will rally around a unified vision

Let’s say that the partners of personal injury firm ABC started the practice with the aim of helping injured people with limited access to legal assistance. They hired attorneys that were passionate about fulfilling this vision and created an engaging workplace culture at the firm. The ABC lawyers, satisfied in the workplace, go above and beyond to help their clients, leading to stellar online reviews of their services (basically, free online marketing for their law firm) and a steadily increasing number of client accounts.

Although simplified, this tale is a real story; it happens in successful firms around the country every day.

  • When an attorney team is engaged on the job, team members feel a sense of ownership over their roles and a passion for making a difference with their work, not just logging hours;
  • The team takes pride in representing its firm and cultivating the best practice around;
  • Anyone who doesn’t fit with this workplace culture of hard work, pride, and passion for fulfilling the firm’s purpose will automatically be weeded out by the environment.

 2.      Productivity will increase

Gallup reports that the U.S. loses more than $450 billion a year due to actively disengaged workers. A portion of that loss could be occurring at your firm if your attorney team isn’t engaged at work. The inverse is also true; as your firm’s engagement rises, so will its productivity, which can mean happier clients, a better reputation online and in the local area, and a more financially successful business.

3.      Differentiators will become obvious

A study published in the International Journal of Business and Social Science found that customer satisfaction and customer loyalty were interconnected, and that customers who were satisfied with their business partner were less likely to switch to another. It’s a general rule that satisfied, loyal customers become walking law firm marketing pieces; they spread the word about your differentiators among friends, family, and colleagues in person and on social media.

Think about how powerful this Yelp review could be: “The attorneys at Bankruptcy Firm treated me like family. When I felt I had no one to turn to, they sat down and walked me through my options. They gave me my life back!”

After online law firm marketing like that, there is no doubt that your firm would quickly accrue a reputation as the best law firm around. It all starts with engaged attorneys who are attuned to your firm’s vision, and are productive and passionate about coming into work every day.

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