Just as it takes a significant amount of time to network face-to-face and make important connections in the legal world, effort and strategy are required to form beneficial connections on digital platforms. LinkedIn is the go-to place for building business relationships within most industries, including the legal realm, which means that optimizing your LinkedIn lawyer profile should be a priority (in addition to building a comprehensive LinkedIn company page for your firm).

Here are a few social media dos for lawyers when crafting their LinkedIn profile:

1.      A high-resolution, professional headshot photo

Including a headshot photo can do wonders; instead of seeing your profile as a list of accomplishments, statistics, and skills, viewers will look at you as a person—hopefully an accomplished and perhaps even approachable professional—which could encourage them to connect online or face-to-face. Additionally, studies have shown that LinkedIn profiles with photos experience a significantly higher number of views than profiles without—up to 14 times as many, according to Link Humans and LinkedIn.

Whether you’re recruiting attorney talent for your law firm, looking to move to a new practice, hoping to establish relationships with fellow industry experts, or simply trying to connect with businesses or individuals who could turn into clients, featuring a good quality photo on your profile is the first step toward making a good impression on LinkedIn.

2.      A descriptive, searchable professional title

Think of your LinkedIn job title as your official headline. It should accurately represent your job function, of course, but that doesn’t mean it has to be general and/or boring. Rather than just stating that you are an attorney, think about what would catch your attention if you were to stumble across your title while perusing LinkedIn, and experiment with more specific and descriptive phrases like “Immigration Attorney | Human Rights Defender | Corporate Law and Boutique Firm Experience.” Keep in mind that the more buzzwords you use, the more often you’ll show up in search results.

Another social media tip for lawyers on LinkedIn: don’t forget to fill in the “Industry” section directly underneath your title. Including that piece of information could result in 15 times more page views.

3.      Strategic keyword phrases

One general social media best practice for lawyers is to be strategic about the information included on your profile. In the Summary section, mention your specific skill set and what differentiates you from other attorneys (or what differentiates your firm from others within your niche and market) while being sure to include keyword phrases geared toward increasing SEO.

For instance, if you are a criminal defense attorney based in the Philadelphia area who is striving to appeal to other local legal professionals, scatter phrases like theses throughout your Summary description: “Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer” and “best criminal defense firm in Philadelphia.” Also, feel free to take up some space; Summaries of least 40 words tend to show up more often in searches.

4.      Education

You worked hard for that degree—show it off! Filling in the Education section on your LinkedIn profile could multiply your viewership by 10.

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