Twitter had a difficult 2014 – newer social media platform outstripped it in terms of membership and page impressions and the company’s share price tanked. Inevitably, the stream of bad news about the company caused SEO experts to reassess the importance of Twitter as a marketing tool. The company was in danger of sinking into obscurity. The threat of oblivion seems to have focused minds and this week, a number of developments have come to fruition. These developments may put Twitter back in the race and so it is worth looking at ways you can use the platform to win and retain clients for your law firm. This review includes articles from Search Engine Journal,Search Engine Land and Search Engine Watch.

Official: Twitter To Give Google Access To “Firehose” Of Tweets

All the SEO news sites covered this story this week. Search Engine Land actually brought out two items on this development and this is the second. Tweets will become more accessible to Google’s discovery and indexing programs and will appear in search results much faster. This factor could be a game changer for Twitter because it makes it a quick route to improving organic search rankings. This means that any tweets you post for your law firm will be visible to the general public even though they are not following you on Twitter.

Tweets to Appear in Google Searches

The Search Engine Watch version of the Twitter/Google tie up story also gives some information on the Syndicated Promoted Tweets program at Twitter, of which, the Google deal seems to be a part. This program enables tweets to appear on other platforms. The early adopters mentioned in this report – Yahoo Japan and a social media aggregator, called Flipboard – aren’t really the ideal outlets for law firm digital marketing. However, if this is the start of a much wider distribution network for tweets, then Twitter could return to being a key marketing tool for US lawyers.

Twitter Launches Quick Promote, A Faster Way To Promote Tweets

Another facility to promote your law firm became available on Twitter this week. The Quick Promote scheme helps you select the most important announcements you tweet and make them visible to users similar to those following you, not just your followers. The Quick Promote utility is accessed through the Twitter Analytics dashboard.

Twitter Sucks At Dealing With Abuse And Trolls, Says CEO Dick Costolo

Although Twitter has been reassessing its services to try to win back its position in social media, it is not quite there yet. This Search Engine Journal article discusses a leaked memo from Twitter’s CEO. It seems the company recognizes the risks of negative comments to its business users and intends to address the issue. As reputation is of key importance in the legal sector, the damage caused by trolls could seriously hamper your digital marketing efforts.

Search, Social, and Content Convergence: Developing Hybrid Marketing Skills

If you are comfortable with a blogging strategy for your law firm’s digital marketing plan and unsure how social media marketing can complement it, this article would be a useful read. There is not much practical advice in this piece, but it gives an overview of how different strands of digital marketing can work together to boost your marketing return on investment. If this strategy interests you, follow up by reading through the related articles listed in a feature box on the page.

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