Last week’s big news was Google’s announcement of a major change to its ranking algorithm to enhance the scores of mobile-friendly sites. That news inspired the SEO Trends: Mobile-Friendliness review on the James Attorney Marketing Blog. Mobile access and local search are two big SEO topics this year for US lawyers because the majority of you get your clients from your immediate neighborhood and accessing channels that lets potential customers know where you are is a key strategy for local marketing. Social media marketing ties in well with local marketing strategies and so this week’s review explores methods for using social media to find and retain local clients. This roundup includes important news sourced from Search Engine Roundtable, the Quicksprout Blog and Search Engine Journal.

The Google Mobile Algorithm Is Real-Time & On The Page Level

The first important story this week relates to last week’s SEO Trends topic of Mobile-Friendliness. One un-answered question about Google’s forthcoming algorithm change was whether mobile-friendliness would be applied as a scoring factor to individual Web pages, or entire sites. Search Engine Roundtable tends to lean towards more technical information about SEO and this article from that site answers the page/site question about the mobile-friendly update: it’s page by page. This has big implications for your law firm’s digital marketing strategy because it is easier to score big with page rankings through social media than through search engine optimization. Therefore, point you mobile-friendly marketing strategy to social media.

#SMM 101: How to Leverage Twitter For Your Clients

Search Engine Journal had a rash of advice on Twitter last week and this particular article is a good introduction to mobile-friendly marketing through that channel. Apparently, 80 per cent of Twitter access is made through mobile devices, so Twitter might be ahead of Facebook in the mobile-friendly game. You will read about two applications that help you identify and locate potential customers for your legal practice through Twitter.

Get More Conversions Using These 12 Twitter Stats #Infographic

This Search Engine Journal article on Twitter marketing is easy to absorb because it is presented as an infographic. Pick up useful tips on what posting times are best for drawing attention to your law firm, how to get retweets and what content gets people to dial your number.

Twitter-Hosted Video Can Now Be Embedded On Your Website

Video is a great medium for lawyers to establish their brand identity through familiarity. Facebook has expanded its video delivery capabilities to the point that more videos are now accessed through Facebook than through YouTube. Now Twitter is getting geared for video. The main aim of posting tweets is to get people to click through to items on your site – that will also improve your search engine rankings. So, the ability to link items on your Twitter profile to your law firm’s Web pages is a big plus.

11 Tactics to Get More Click-Throughs from Social Media

SEO guru, Neil Patel tackles social media strategies over at his Quicksprout blog. It seems that pictures are key elements to both a Twitter tweet and a Facebook post. The article covers that key factor of post timing and also analyzes the effects of frequency of posts. You will find some handy links to some tools for you to try out. Hopefully some of those tools will give your law firm’s digital marketing effort a boost in local search.

Social Media 101: How to Create Engaging Content

This Search Engine Journal article covers much of the same ground as the Neil Patel article above. Again, there is a strong message about timing posts to maximize visibility. The fact that all digital marketing specialists can’t keep away from the topic of timing shows that this is the attribute of social media marketing that is really giving sites an edge at the moment. So, you should try to research techniques and tools to ace this strategy for your law firm. This article contains links to more tools you can try out for your social media marketing effort.

Facebook Warns Page Owners About Upcoming Drop in Page Likes

This is a quick heads up to you lawyers who focus your digital marketing effort on Facebook. You will probably see your “Likes” count suddenly drop over the next week. Don’t panic. Facebook is rejigging the count to take out likes from inactive accounts.

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