Bruce Clay is one of the longest serving SEO gurus and garners a great deal of respect in the industry. Last week, he hosted an online discussion on the impact of social media on SEO, so this gives you an idea of what the great minds think about SEO marketing opportunities in 2015. If you are interested in starting up a social media marketing campaign for your law firm, take a look at the following articles appearing in Search Engine Journal, the Bruce Clay Blog and Search Engine Land.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Start off your research with this Search Engine Land tutorial on the topic of social media marketing. This is a gentle introduction that points towards other resources on both Search Engine Land and Marketing Land. You don’t have to be technically minded to follow this guide, so if you are a sole practitioner focusing on your legal work, this guide should fit into your busy schedule.

Drive Social, Spike Traffic: Social Media’s Effect on SEO

This article is a report on the Bruce Clay-hosted discussion on social media and SEO. The chat took place over Twitter and the report reads almost like a transcript. If you are not a regular Twitter user, you might find this format distracting. However, persevere, because this discussion might answer some of the questions you have on whether social media marking is appropriate for your legal practice.

Instagram The Fastest Growing Social Network, Facebook The Most Engaged, + More Stats

This Search Engine Journal article reviews recent analysis on the various social media platforms. Many of the stats are already well known – Facebook is the biggest social media site by far, Instagram has the fastest growing community. You will probably end up using several of these platforms in your law firm’s social media marketing campaign, so it is useful to get the run down on each site’s strengths and weaknesses.

Facebook Video Views Are Up 94% In The US, 75% Worldwide

Video is a very powerful marketing tool and by combining the power of video with the power of social media, you could maximize your law firm’s marketing impact. This article reports that more than half of US adults watch videos on Facebook and now more people search for videos on Facebook than on YouTube.

How Social Media Automation Can Cut Your Sharing Time in Half

Technology moves on relentlessly and it seems almost every day new tools and services come onto the market. Social media marketing is such an important strand of digital marketing that there are now a number of tools that support the endeavor. This Search Engine Journal article outlines software that can monitor your audience’s activities and release your saved announcements to optimize impact. Tools such as these are particularly useful to the sole practitioner who needs to be in court, or meeting with clients and cannot sit and watch activity on social media platforms all day.

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