As we related in last week’s SEO Trends report, the SEO tools provider, Moz has just released a set of tools focusing on content creation. This is part of a trend at the moment of new tools for content. Keyword strategies, along with link building, are one of the main planks of SEO. Content marketing is the art of presenting keywords in a digestible format and content marketing is a particularly hot topic right now – hence, the slew of new tools to support this activity.

As everyone seems to be pouring resources into content at the moment, perhaps it would be a good idea for you to keep up with the pack and analyze your law firm’s content. This week we look at methods and tools to bring content up to scratch. You will read about advice currently appearing at Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, and the Moz Blog.

12 Content Marketing Tools That Will Rapidly Improve Your Productivity

Here is a list of content tools to work through. The number of tools available right now is daunting, so sometimes it is good to get some direction on how to narrow down the study of options for your law firm’s content creation strategy. The list is neatly broken up into four categories that deal with research, assistants to coming up with subjects to write about, tools to help you write content, and tools that deal with images. Curiously, the author doesn’t mention Moz Content.

5 Steps to Content Marketing Success

Not to be outdone by Search Engine Journal, the Moz Blog has a similar post on useful tools for content marketing and how to use them. This is a very long article and not as well organized as Anna Francis’s piece (above). However, the writer, Paddy Moogan, is a digital marketing agency exec and he structures his advice to contain real examples of how to use the content tools and how they combine to create a working strategy. Curiously, Moogan doesn’t mention Moz Content, either. He spends a lot of time illustrating how to use Buzzsumo, which is one of the tools that Francis rated as well, so maybe that one would be worth a little look.

15 Tips to Help You Write Better Social Media Content

The “tools” in use by this author are the social media sites. The article covers techniques for writing attractive content out there in the big wide world to draw attention towards your law firm and its website. This article offers excellent advice for those of you thinking of following last week’s SEO Trends report on Outreach Content.

10 Steps to Effective Website Content and Copy

This is another very long list of advice on content planning. The author doesn’t mention many tools in this, but focuses mainly on strategy, and does provide some very good examples. The tools she does mention are ones that you are probably using already for your law firm’s website content. Those are Google Analytics, the Google AdWords Keyword Planner and Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator.

How To Build Author Rank Without Google Authorship

It is mystifying why Google suddenly dropped its Google Authorship scheme. The search engine has continued to increase the importance of trust, authority and reputation in its ranking algorithm, and making writers identifiable and traceable seemed to be a good step in those directions. Tony Edwards postulates that the system may be coming back and gives tips on schema markup that you should include on your law firm’s content pages to prepare for that return. He also speculates that Google+ may soon be binned – which is plausible.

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