As a lawyer, you are probably very confident about your skills in the legal profession. However, if you are trying to run your own website, you may worry that your SEO skills are not up to scratch. In fact, you may know so little that you don’t even know what skills you lack. Don’t worry. Even SEO experts get those feelings sometimes. There is always the worry that others know things that you don’t. However, this week’s SEO news roundup focuses on what skills you need for search engine optimization, and how to acquire them.  This review includes articles from Search Engine Journal, the Moz Blog and Search Engine Watch.

18 Areas of Knowledge Every SEO Must Possess

In this article, SEO guru Neil Patel admits that he sometimes worries that he doesn’t know enough about SEO. He then runs down eighteen categories of knowledge that he believes every SEO practitioner should master. The list just covers general categories of optimization, but if you worry that you don’t even know which areas you should be skilled in, this is a useful checklist to help you brush up your skills to manage your law firm’s website.

What’s the Best Way to Spend 30 Minutes of Your Time on Social Media Marketing?

Social media knowledge was at number 17 on Patel’s list. This area of digital marketing is a key area for law firms and so read this article to zoom in on more specific skills needed to ace social media marketing. Use of social media will help establish key lawyers in your practice by giving them credibility and encouraging familiarity.

7 Places to Learn to Code – for Free!

Although you shouldn’t be expected to write your own programs and web pages for your law firm’s site, a little knowledge of HTML will enable you to fix little glitches on your site and insert links without having to call out an expensive consultant. Learning a bit about programming will also help you understand the degrees of complexity involved in the topic and help you better negotiate when getting prices for coding.

2015 Guide to Free SEO Training Courses Online

If you identified knowledge gaps when reading through Patel’s list, then maybe you need to look for some SEO training courses. Rather than splurging your law firm’s profits on specialist on-site courses, you could benefit from this guide to free SEO training.

Local Search Expert Quiz: How Much Do You Know about Local SEO?

How much do you know about local SEO? If the answer is “nothing,” you may find this checklist, presented in the form of a quiz a useful tool. Local SEO is really important for most legal practices, because small law firms get all of their clients from their immediate neighborhood. This article contains a list of links to resources on local SEO once you have taken the quiz and discovered what you know and don’t know about this important topic.

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