May 4th – May 10th, 2015

Although it is nice to get lots of traffic to your website, those visits do not help your law practice if they do not translate into clients. Encouraging website visitors to actually come into the office and hire a lawyer is a delicate psychological process called sales conversion. If your website isn’t increasing your client list, then the time and money you spent on your Web presence has been wasted. Fortunately,Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Land have some useful tips on sales conversions this week. Here are five of the most useful that will get your website funneling customers to your practice.


Content Marketing For Local Businesses: Get Creative & Pay To Play


“Content” refers to all the information you post on your website and that includes the written word, images, video and audio files. Your content has three key roles to play. First, you need to encourage other sites to link to pages on your website. Interesting content attracts links. The content on your site will also encourage potential customers to come to your site. Finally, the content has to convince visitors to the site to make an appointment to come and see you.  This article focuses on content that will attract a local audience and that is of prime importance to lawyers, because your customers are more likely to come from your immediate neighborhood. The article gives you some ideas of themes to consider when planning your content and also suggests that it might be worth paying a little in order to draw attention to the information you post on your site.


2 Digital Advertising Praxes to Convert Your “Nearly There” Prospects


Anyone who visits your law firm’s website is probably tackling a legal problem and needs help. If they go away from the site without contacting you, then they are probably looking at your competitors’ sites. You don’t want to let that browsing potential customer get away. In this article you will read about “remarketing,” which enables you to place ads on sites that your potential customer visits. The targeted marking section of the article explains that advertising on the Web can now be limited to just those surfers who are located in a particular zip code, which is a great tool for focusing your advertising budget on your local area.


How to Create Meaningful Marketing Experiences Before, During, and After Conversion


This article is a comprehensive guide to evaluating your law firm’s marketing goals. It recommends identifying your firm’s core values and then coordinating all marketing channels along those themes. If your website is not enticing people to make appointments with your practice, it could be that the firm’s ideals are not being effectively communicated.


5 Expert Tips That Will Get You On the Road to Conversion


Unbounce is a website design company. They are putting together a tour of major US cities, to promote their services and give companies advice on how to make their websites gain actual sales. Five of the experts on the Unbounce Road Trip give tips to the general business community in this article. This is quite a long article, so schedule some time away from your case load to read it through.


5 E-Commerce SEO Tips You Can Use Today


There may be things wrong with your website that you can’t see, but that are putting off visitors from placing their business with your law firm. This article covers a number of content issues that you might need to fix. There are links through to more information on each of the five topics covered in the article. You will also find links to some tools you can use to evaluate and correct problems on your firm’s site.

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