Search engine optimization is all about getting to the top of search engine results pages by boosting the rankings of each of the Web pages on your site. So, to write an SEO Report on ranking boosters seems to be a tautology. However, some advice is explicitly directed at getting your rankings increased whereas other fields will obliquely cover the topic (link building, social media signals, authority, etc). This week the SEO news sites are filling up with straight out, in-your-face ranking booster advice, and you need to know this information for your law firm’s SEO strategy. So here are some interesting articles currently appearing in  Search Engine Roundtable, Search Engine Land, and Search Engine Watch.

Google Traffic Soars After SEO Drops Links From Disavow File

This week’s roundup starts off with a technical aspect of SEO, which concerns a site’s disavow file. You may not have one of those for your law firm’s website, and if you don’t you should look into the topic. You can’t control which sites link into your site’s pages. However, the Penguin filter of Google’s ranking algorithm penalizes sites for having “smammy” backlinks, that is, links pointing to your pages that break one or many of Google’s rules. As you have no control over the sites that point to you, Google invented the disavow file. In this, you signal the links that you do not welcome. When Google’s computers read this list they will not count the links contained within. However, as this story highlights, you should be careful about which lists you link in your disavow file, because some of them might actually be good ones that boost your rankings. Audit your disavow file and see whether removing links from the blacklist boosts your rankings.

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Google Search Will Integrate AMP Pages In Feb. 2016, May Get Ranking Boost

“AMP” stands for “accelerated mobile pages” and it is a way to write pages specifically for mobile devices that makes them faster to load. You probably don’t use AMP if you got your law firm’s Web pages designed for a laptop and then converted. Consider looking for a Web page builder that specifically produces mobile-compatible versions in the first place and check that it uses AMP. When the wind changes in February, your AMP’d pages may get boosted up the rankings.

Exploring the correlation between social media and search rankings

Everybody tells you that “social signals” boost SERPs rankings, but what exactly does that mean? What aspects of social media will get your rankings a boost? How much of a boost? This article covers the various social media outlets and explains which of them will give a boost to your rankings and how. If you have been wondering about how to implement a social media strategy for your law firm, this article will point you in the right direction.

How to completely dominate Google’s first page

Well, this title pretty much says it all. It’s one of those “the only SEO article you will ever need to read” headlines, because if this article delivers on its title, you will be able to spend an awful lot of time that you would otherwise have wasted reading around the topic of SEO. However, this is a very credible piece on how to get to the top and push your competition down below number 5 on the page – which the author points out is enough for almost complete domination. This is a long piece with lots of different strategies in it, including PPC and review site usage. Other than poisoning the Webmasters of all the rival lawyers in your area, this advice is probably your best hope of being the only lawyer on page 1.

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How links could be online marketing’s most important KPI in 2016

Links, along with keywords, were one of the two main areas of ranking factors in the original Google algorithm. Many, many, many SEO know-it-alls will tell you that links are no longer important. Well, they are wrong. Links never went away as a ranking factor and ranking analysis over recent years shows that they are actually becoming more important. This article covers the influence of links and how to master them to boost your rankings. Remember, you will also need a disavow file to prevent links dragging your law firm’s rankings down.

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