August 31st – September 6th 2015

Many digital marketers have been waiting for more than a year to a new rollout of Google’s Panda update. That update came more than a month ago now, but does not seem to have improved the rankings of those who strove to clean up their websites’ content. Now, those who did see a rankings boost detect a loss of that rankings boost – making some suspect that Google is reversing Panda. In last week’s SEO Trends report on Finding Local Audiences, we explained that Google has reengineered its AdWords format for local searches. Those changes make paid appearances in Google’s results pages more attractive than the “Local Pack.” These two developments reduce the effectiveness of content marketing and improve the value of “pay per click” (PPC) advertising. So maybe now it would be a good idea to switch your law firm’s digital marketing strategy towards paid search results. Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land andSearch Engine Journal seem to have picked up on this trend, because they have a lot of news on pay per click topics this week. Click to call and video advertising can now help funnel search engine users into your law firm’s offices.

Local SEO Is Not An Island (Or At Least It Shouldn’t Be!)

Every behavioral study on the public’s usage of search engines explains that people don’t trust paid adverts. However, this Search Engine Land article illustrates the developments that we spotted in last week’s SEO Trend’s article. Google’s revamp of its presentation of local advertisers and its truncation of the Local Pack mean that PPC should become a more active source of clients for your law firm.

Is It Time to Add Click-to-Call Campaigns to Your AdWords Arsenal?

Click to call (CTC) could be a really useful addition to your law firm’s PPC campaign. With this feature, people can click on your (paid) Google listing and instantly dial your law firm. This trick is particularly important for mobile search leads, because potential clients are searching on their phone, so integrating the dialing step into your ad helps funnel browsers into callers, giving you a chance to make your pitch in person to potential clients.

5 Steps for Optimizing Paid Search ROI with Calls

This Search Engine Journal report expands on the recommendation of CTC into advice on how to formulate a CTC strategy for your law firm’s paid search digital marking campaign. SEJ seems to be really on the ball with the click to call feature at the moment. This is the second article they published on the topic over the last week. You should also read the first of those articles, How to Optimize Your #PPC Campaign for Phone Calls, to round out your CTC research.

Google Brings YouTube TrueView Campaigns Into The AdWords Fold

Research suggests that integrating video into your law firm’s website won’t bring you a rankings boost. This is because YouTube so dominates video delivery on the internet that they gobble up all the points available for that medium. Google owns YouTube and now wants to make more money from it. To that end, they introduced TrueView. This is a way you can pay to have a video link shown in YouTube search results, or have your video inserted into another video, like a TV ad. You can now manage TrueView ads through the Google AdWords environment.

New Interactions Reporting In AdWords Follow On Video Campaigns Integration

Here is an explanation (with illustrations) of how you can use the AdWords site to manage TrueView campaigns. This avenue for advertising is well worth exploring for a legal expert. You could make a video of yourself giving a short explanation of a legal term that your practice area covers and then insert that into searches for that term or in YouTube videos that cover related situations.

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