April 13th – April 19th, 2015


The April 21 release of Google’s new mobile-friendliness algorithm is historic because it was the first algorithm change that the search engine pre-announced. Usually, Google doesn’t even tell anyone of algorithm changes even after they have been released and SEO analysts have to guess what changed. Google has a habit of adjusting its algorithms after they go live and so don’t place too much value on your rankings during the first week of Google’s mobile-friendly new world order. Next week’s SEO Trends article will pay attention to the analysis of what happened. This week, you will read what SEO experts offer as their last minute tips before Mobilegeddon. The articles in this week’s trends review appear at Search Engine Roundtable, Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Land.


Is Google’s Mobile Deadline of April 21st The New Y2K?


The SEO world has been on the edge of its seats over Mobilegeddon since February when Google announced the algorithm’s forthcoming release. Hopefully, you should have your law firm’s website’s mobile version up and running by now. This article explains how Google’s past changes crippled a lot of Web-based businesses and also alerts to the fact that Google will penalize businesses that don’t have mobile-friendly versions of their sites.


What Will and Will Not Be Affected By Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm


This Search Engine Journal article contains the interesting insight that the mobile-friendliness re-ordering of rankings will not alter the position or order of the “local pack” on Google’s search results pages. The local pack is five businesses nearby to the searcher’s location or that are located in a place that was specifically named in the search term. This shows that getting into that local pack is vitally important for any law firm – the local pack members will not be down-ranked even if they don’t have mobile versions of their sites.


Tomorrow Is Mobilegeddon – Are You Ready For The Google Mobile Friendly Update?


On the day before the birth of a mobile-friendly Google, Search Engine Land ran through all the questions it imagined website owners might have about the changes. Take a read through these answers to see whether your law firm’s site has the all-clear.


See Your Site as Googlebot Mobile Does


This article explains a nifty trick on how to work out what Google’s Web crawler, or “Googlebot,” will pick up from your law firm’s site. Although the guide gets a bit technical at some points, it is richly illustrated with screenshots, so you shouldn’t have any trouble working through the exercise.


How Quickly Will Google Notice My Site Is Mobile Friendly?


Search Engine Roundtable is probably the most technically-oriented of all the SEO news sites. If you manage your law firm’s website, you will benefit from a regular visit to this site. One example of a very handy article to read is this one that explains how you can fast track Google’s recognition and indexing of your new mobile-friendly pages.


Bing Adds Mobile-Friendly Label To Their Mobile Search Results


While everyone’s attention is held by Google’s new mobile algorithm, it seems that Bing, Google’s Microsoft-owned rival, is plotting something similar. You may need to make further adjustment to the mobile version of your law firm’s website if Bing makes similar changes to its ranking algorithm. Stay tuned for more developments.


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