The most popular definition of “content” is “everything that is written on your website.” However, everything that you write about your website in other locations can also be deemed as “content.” Those pieces are meant to draw people in to your law firm’s site so you can get them to understand and want the services of your practice. This extended arm of “content marketing” could be termed as “outreach content.” This is not the content that lives on your site, it is the content that goes out and drums up attention to get people to visit your site.

The Moz Blog has a lot of content about content this week, because it seems that the company has just launched a new tool aimed at content marketers, called Moz Content. They have a particularly extensive resource on their blog, called The Content Marketing Campaign Playbook. This is well worth ploughing through and the Stages 5 and 6 are particularly pertinent to this week’s SEO Trends theme of outreach content.

Putting the Moz Blog to one side, though, Search Engine Journal is packed full of content outreach ideas this week and we will also surf over to Search Engine Watch to pick up some tips.

How to Maximize Your Reach Using Google’s Knowledge Graph

The information contained in this article could be really powerful in getting your content out in front of millions of people. Have you noticed that Google now answers questions directly on its results pages? For example, if you type in the search “how to make scrambled eggs” you won’t have to click through to a website because the first thing that appears in the search results are the actual instructions on how to make scrambled eggs. That’s content, and it’s someone else’s content that Google is showing for free! It’s right at the top of the results and it has a link through to the provider’s site as well. Content marketing doesn’t get any better than that. If you could get a brief definition of some aspect of the law from one of your law firm’s partners displayed like that, you will have aced outreach content.

The Complete Guide to Content Marketing Through Comments

This is a sneaky little trick that even the big marketers use, but probably wouldn’t admit to. You piggyback your outreach content onto someone else’s work. Some sites, particularly newspaper and news station websites, attract a lot of visitors and raging debates ensue in the comments sections after each article. This is a good way to seek out people concerned about legal issues, and demonstrate your knowledge of the topic. You direct them to your site for more details. This is a bit like inserting Knowledge Graph advice into other people’s articles. So you preview your content to people likely to be interested in your legal services and draw them in to your site. You can even prepare set pieces and cut and paste them into conversations where appropriate.

A Quick Step-by-Step Guide to Improving Your Event Email Marketing

Email marketing is a huge field of digital marketing that many overlook. There is a very great danger of being ranked as a spammer and getting all the emails sent out from you law firm’s account blocked by spam filters. The big problem with emailing is where do you get lists of addresses? How can you be sure that those addresses are live, and will their owners have any interest in your services? This article unintentionally has a very good idea. It is about planning an email campaign to promote an event. But hold on … what was that? An event? That would be a great way for you to drum up business for your law firm. Partner with some sort of interest group and set up a workshop event where you give free advice to people with problems pertaining to your practice specializations, then the interest group will email your content out to their mailing list. Double whammy.

How to set up a content marketing radar station in Slack

Here’s a very sneaky double whammy. This article appears on Search Engine Watch. That is a site aimed at digital marketing professionals and the SEO community. This writer has just started up a new company providing services to digital marketing professionals and the SEO community. He says that clearly at the very top of the piece. He then scatters pearls of wisdom about how to use the Slack site to attract customers. So that’s a piece of outreach content advice that we can use here. Oh, but wait a minute, he also has a link through to his company’s website. So, he’s got some free marketing by writing on a site that already attracts the sort of people he wants to direct to his site. You could do that for your law firm. Hey, but hold on. As you legal eagles reading this SEO Trends report are also the kind of people he wants to attract, by attracting my attention he has got a link through to his article which then attracts people through to his site. That’s link bait. That’s a double whammy.

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