August 3rd – August 9th, 2015
Mobile friendliness and local search have been the big development issues in SEO so far this year. However, multi-location businesses shouldn’t feel cut out of the trend. Although Google slated its drive towards local results as a chance for the little guy, clients of multi-location practices and advocacy groups still need to get directions to offices and are just as likely to discover your law firm through a mobile search. Bigger organizations don’t need to concede defeat to the single-office law firms. They can use local search tactics as well. Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Land all have advice on the developments in local search and mobile over the past week, and multi-location practices can benefit from these tips as well.

The Complete Guide to Local SEO for Multiple Locations

Having several offices does not make a law practice remote. In fact, multi-location organizations open up branches in order to be closer to more of their target client base. So, those offices need to have local visibility and compete on an office-by-office basis with equivalent single location law firms. So, multi-location practices should examine local search tactics when promoting each individual site. This article gives you pointers on how to start formulating that strategy.

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Bing Launches Marketplace Trends Site to Help Targeting

Bing has come out with a new tool that can help campaign planners explain varying expenses across multiple locations. The boss may not understand why one location needs a greater investment just to gain an average throughput of clients. This new site categorizes each location and illustrates the different types of devices that access search and their rate of importance in each state. Click through rates vary from state to state and so some of your law offices will have to invest more in attracting site visitors than others. The site also illustrates different “cost per click” levels in each state. This information will help you to vary your budget across locations to ensure each office gets a fair chance of attracting new clients.

The Mobile Opportunity for Local and Multi-Location Businesses

Multi-site law firms need to attract mobile searchers just as much as single-location practices. This article contains a link to a webinar explaining how multi-location firms can target mobile search users to win new clients. Don’t worry if you missed the live date. You can download a recording of the lecture by following the link in the article.

Google Updates The “Local Pack” Showing 3 Results Instead Of 7

Google has reduced the number of businesses that appear in the “local pack” on its results pages. The lucky local pack members get top billing on the page, and so the reduction in this list from seven businesses to three, makes elbowing your way into the group a harder task than it was before. The local pack gives map-located businesses an unfair advantage. So, step one in getting into that group is to make sure that each of your law firm’s locations are marked on Google Maps.

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The 16 Secrets Of Guerrilla Local SEO

Marcus Miller injects marketing theory into his advice on local SEO tactics. There is nothing in the tactics Miller outlines here that could not be applied by multi-site law practices when aiming for a local search strategy. This article is a long read, so print it off, or bookmark it on your iPad, and read it when you have some time to kill.

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