March 30th – April 5th, 2015
Google will release a new version of its ranking algorithm on April 21 to favor mobile-friendly sites.  This event means that the topic of mobile-friendliness will dominate SEO news for the entire month of April. Last week’s SEO Trends review featured tools you can use to check your law firm’s site’s mobile-friendliness. In this edition you will read about design considerations to include in any new website development in order to boost your mobile site’s rankings in search engines and attract new customers. This advice comes from Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Land.

Run For Your Life, Chicken Little — The Google Mopocalypse Is Coming!

You should enjoy reading this first article in the list if you have no idea where to start with getting a mobile-friendly site for your law firm. The author, Will Scott, is a digital marketing consultant and he specifically explains the importance of mobile search for his law firm clientele. Scott’s advice is easy to follow and he explains some of the Web jargon, such as “responsive,” so you will be able to use the right language when hiring a Web designer for your new site.

Everything You Need To Know About Google’s New Stance On Mobile

Web entrepreneur, Neil Patel summarizes much of the ground covered by last week’s SEO Trends article, including how to use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. Patel lists four action points at the end of the article, which should enable you to find your direction when considering a revamp of your law firm’s Web pages.

Infographic: Mobile SEO Tips To Help You Survive The Coming Google Mopocalypse

The first two articles in this review should get you familiar with the terminology of mobile Web design. This article gets down to the nitty gritty of actual coding decisions that make a site mobile-friendly. You might be daunted by the idea of an article all about programming code, but the infographic presentation of this information makes the topic so digestible, you will be able to understand the advice even if you don’t know anything at all about programming. If you pay someone else to write your law firm’s website, the information in this article will give you tips on what specific code to look out for when checking through your new pages.

Mobile Is Local: Quick Wins and Fast Fails

Here is another easy-to-read guide on adapting your law firm’s website. Local search is particularly important for small law practices and you will read here specific tips on quick ways to get better rankings in local search.

Mobile Optimization and the Google Algorithm Change – 7 Steps to Stay Friendly

If you haven’t had enough of checklists about checking your site for mobile-friendliness, here is another one. This Search Engine Watch article gives a good overall scene-setting discussion before summarizing the things you need to do now for your law firm’s website. Although much of the content of this report covers the same ground as Patel and Scott in their articles, it is good to see that all the advice out there at the moment speaks with one voice. Hopefully, this body of advice will motivate you to examine the mobile friendliness of your site and take steps this week to get it in order. April 21 is not far off and those who aren’t ready will lose out to more mobile-responsive websites.

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