The big trend in SEO during 2014 was the switch to searches conducted from mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones rather than from desktop computers. The switch to mobile marches hand in hand with the evolution of local search and both phenomena provide important sources of clients for US law firms. The importance of having a mobile-friendly Web presence is becoming even more important in 2015. News from SEO sites over the past week explain why you should get your law firm’s site mobile friendly. The articles that are recommended reading this week appear on the Bruce Clay blog,  Search Engine Watchand Search Engine Journal.

Unprecedented Google Announcement of a Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Change

News on the site of SEO guru, Bruce Clay explains why mobile-friendly sites have suddenly become a hot topic again. Google is about to bring out an update to its algorithm to greatly benefit mobile-friendly Web pages. As this article explains, the announced algorithm update will be extremely significant and Google wants to impress that point on the world – they don’t usually pre-announce algorithm updates. Check your law firm’s site on a smartphone and on a tablet to make sure each page displays well in the other formats. The Bruce Clay article explains that there are still a lot of unknowns around the impact of the update and probably more tips will emerge in the weeks to come.

Google To Use Mobile Usability As A Ranking Factor In Mobile Search Results

Although this Search Engine Journal article is another take on the Google announcement, both this and the Bruce Clay article are worth reading. This article contains some useful tips and a link to a Google tool that will enable you to test the mobile-friendliness of your law firm’s website.

Mobile Search Spend Share to Reach 83% by 2018

Justin case you still haven’t got the message that you should be in the race to get your law firm’s website mobile-friendly, here is an item about a market research company’s forecasts about future advertising spending. Just before Christmas they predicted that firms would be spending 76.7 per cent of their search advertising budget on mobile platforms by 2018. Last week, just a little over two months after that prediction, the company has revised its projections up to 83 per cent. This shows that the pace of mobile take-up is even taking those who focus on these issues for a living.

Mobile Responsive Sites Boost Search Rankings for SMBs

Although you may have committed your law firm’s marketing budget to search engine optimization, Google’s announcement of its algorithm update means that you need to divert some of that money towards getting your site “mobile responsive.” This term means that the pages on your site detect the type of device your visitors are connecting from and divert to a mobile-formatted version of the requested page if it detects a smartphone or a tablet.

5 Mobile Tips to Keep You at the Top of the Rankings

As a lawyer, you may not have the time, or the insight to investigate which aspects of your firm’s website should be prioritized, with respect to mobile accessibility. This article from Search Engine Watch summarizes the attributes of a mobile-friendly site that were highlighted by expects speaking at a recent conference.

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