April 27th – May 3rd, 2015


With Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm change now fully rolled out, you should be able to test your new mobile site’s rankings and get an accurate evaluation of its ongoing performance. Google reports that the new algorithm did not cause the extreme re-ordering of search engine rankings that had been expected because so many businesses got their mobile version ready in time – thus everyone retained their rankings. Now you can put that mobile version of your law firm’s website to good use and focus on local search as a source for winning clients. You will read about tips that are currently live at Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Land.


Local SEO: How To Rank Your Local Business


Search Engine Land is one of the main SEO news sites. However, in addition to topical events, the site also promotes a library of guides covering various specialist SEO subjects. This guide is Search Engine Land’s latest briefing on methods for success in local search. It tells you where to register your site in order to get those all-important local signals added into your rankings. Work through this guide with the aim of getting your law firm’s website listed in the “local pack,” which appears at the top of search engine results alongside a map of the local area.


How Not To Do Local SEO In A Post-Pigeon Era


Once Google calculates relevance to keywords of all the pages on the Web, it applies other factors to adjust those rankings. These second-round factors of ranking calculations are called “filters.” The most famous filters are named Panda, Penguin and Pigeon. The Pigeon filter focuses on local signals and so this is the ranking algorithm you need to study in order to succeed in local SEO. Neil Patel explains the different factors that will get your law firm’s website up into that all-important local pack.


How to Set Up Call-Only Campaigns for Local Businesses


If you specialize in personal injury, immigration or criminal law, your new clients probably contact you in a hurry. In these circumstances, speed of access and quick response are more important to the distressed individual than slick website presentations. The Call-Only Campaign of Google AdWords is ideal for this type of contact. It displays your contact details in search engine results so the person in need of help doesn’t have to click through to a site and look for a “Contact Us” page. This is a very basic internet presence which is little more than a telephone directory listing. However, for certain types of legal practices, this method of advertising is much more effective for winning business than an expensive, trust-building website and is particularly effective for the small screens of mobile devices.


3 Ways to Be a Better Local Search Marketer With the Apple Watch


Wow, Apple just made local search a whole lot harder. If you struggled to make your website legible on smartphones, imagine what a chore it will be to squeeze enough information onto a watch display. Hopefully, this latest technological breakthrough will be a Google Glass-style flash in the pan. Getting your law firm’s presentation down to watch size will be a challenge. However, if the Apple Watch takes off, it will be a major source of traffic for law firms’ websites. People often lose their phones, but their watches are fixed to their wrists, so emergency cases may come from customers with Web-enabled watches some time soon.


Local Search Marketers: 83% Of SEOs Believe Focusing On Reviews Delivers Good ROI


Reputation management is a key topic for lawyers. This article covers the art of gaining customers through online reviews. Recommendations from friends are major influencers when choosing legal representation and the Web extends that word-of-mouth power beyond immediate friends and family out to everyone with an Internet connection. You could base your entire digital marketing campaign around online reviews.

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