If you run a paid advertising campaign to draw visitors to your website, you may need to revise your strategy to take account of changes in Web behavior and to incorporate new technology. This week’s SEO Trends report looks at the current state of advertising, known as PPC, and examines what the practitioners recommend you could integrate into your law firm’s advertising effort.

This advice is currently posted on Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, the Moz Blog and Search Engine Watch. PPC is in a state of change, but may become a more prominent method of attracting customers due to the limited space available on a smartphone screen.

The 5 Reasons Paid Search Will Be Second Behind Display Starting Next Year In The US

In this analysis, the author analyzes the future of paid search and display ads. By these terms he refers to the search engine results entries that appear at the top of Google’s results as “paid search.” Display ads means a block of graphics with a message on it, much like the ads that you see in magazines. The choice of how you spend your law firm’s Web advertizing budget should start to fall more towards the display ads. A graphic block attracts attention much easier than a hyperlink in a list of links. The article argues that the number of searches that Google serves each year is going down. Although Google has lost ground to other search engines, they haven’t picked up the missing volume, so people spend less time on search engines nowadays. Where do they go? Read on.

10 Things I’ve Learned While Learning Facebook Ads

Yes. Facebook. There are a lot more people using Google now than there were back in 2005. In fact, Facebook only began in 2004, so that progressive decline in Google’s activity shown in the graph in the previous article is probably due to people using Facebook to find goods and services. So, Facebook seems an obvious location for your law firm’s new display ads. This article talks through the dos and don’ts of advertising on Facebook.

10 Remarketing Facts to Make You Rethink Your Entire PPC Strategy

Remarketing is probably one of the most useful new digital marketing methods around. Have you ever noticed, if you do a search for something, say, flights, and maybe look at one or two ticket agencies, but don’t buy anything, those agencies’ ads keep popping up on every other site that you visit. Is it just a coincidence? No. How do they know you were looking for a flight? Cookies. Remarketing could help you capture clients for your law firm who need time to think. In the past, people might do a quick search for an initial investigation, and then go back to a different search later, meaning they might never find your site again, even if they really wanted to. Remarketing means you can remind potential customers where to find you, and the longer you remind them, the more likely they are to convert.

7 Strategies to Optimize B2C Lead Generation Paid Search Accounts

Remarketing features in this list of tricks to make paid search more effective. In fact, it is top of the list, so that shows that this is the big topic in search engine marketing right now. If you are considering a PPC campaign based on Google AdWords for your law firm, this article has some very nifty tips on how to find people to target with your ads. How about getting a list of people who have visited the websites of your competitors, or rejected their email advertizing campaigns? Those would be very useful lists. You can get them.

How can marketers use TV ads to drive searches?

If your law firm is new, you don’t have any reviews, your ranking is probably way below that of every competitor in town and no one knows your website’s address, so you aren’t going to get any word of mouth recommendations. How do you let people know your site is there, if only just to get your search engine optimization metrics working for you? The digital marketing dirty secret is that, quite often agencies will use real-world campaigns, such as TV ads to draw an audience to your site. Even well established brands with top SEO performance often use the traditional media outlets to draw attention to new Web campaigns. You might have to try it if your website keeps appearing on page 7 of Google’s search results.

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